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microwear_textures_associated-20221011143210409.pdf.jpg202219-Oct-2022Microwear textures associated with experimental near-natural diets suggest that seeds and hard insect body parts cause high enamel surface complexity in small mammalsWinkler, Daniela E.; Clauss, Marcus; Kubo, Mugino O.; Schulz-Kornas, Ellen; Kaiser, Thomas M.; Tschudin, Anja; De Cuyper, Annelies; Kubo, Tai; Tütken, Thomas
58982.pdf.jpg201927-Feb-2019Post-mortem alteration of diet-related enamel surface textures through artificial biostratinomy : a tumbling experiment using mammal teethBöhm, Katrin; Winkler, Daniela; Kaiser, Thomas M.; Tütken, Thomas
postmortem_enamel_surface_tex-20221026142323863.pdf.jpg202210-Nov-2022Post-mortem enamel surface texture alteration during taphonomic processes : do experimental approaches reflect natural phenomena?Weber, Katrin; Winkler, Daniela E.; Schulz-Kornas, Ellen; Kaiser, Thomas M.; Tütken, Thomas
tütken_thomas-strontium_and_-20210201125941916.pdf.jpg20201-Feb-2021Strontium and oxygen isotope analyses reveal Late Cretaceous shark teeth in iron age strata in the Southern LevantTütken, Thomas; Weber, Michael; Zohar, Irit; Helmy, Hassan; Bourgon, Nicolas; Lernau, Omri; Jochum, Klaus Peter; Sisma-Ventura, Guy
weber_michael-strontium_upta-20210202095935423.pdf.jpg20202-Feb-2021Strontium uptake and intra-population 87Sr/86Sr variability of bones and teeth : controlled feeding experiments with rodents (Rattus norvegicus, Cavia porcellus)Weber, Michael; Tacail, Théo; Lugli, Federico; Clauss, Marcus; Weber, Katrin; Leichliter, Jennifer; Winkler, Daniela E.; Mertz-Kraus, Regina; Tütken, Thomas