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dual_roles_of_b_lymphocytes_i-20230120121933884.pdf.jpg202220-Jan-2023Dual roles of B lymphocytes in mouse models of diet-induced nonalcoholic fatty liver diseaseKarl, Martin; Hasselwander, Solveig; Zhou, Yawen; Reifenberg, Gisela; Kim, Yong Ook; Park, Kyoung-Sook; Ridder, Dirk A.; Wang, Xiaoyu; Seidel, Eric; Hövelmeyer, Nadine; Straub, Beate K.; Li, Huige; Schuppan, Detlef; Xia, Ning
hepatic_interleukin1_receptor-20230131122849445.pdf.jpg202213-Feb-2023Hepatic interleukin-1 receptor type 1 signalling regulates insulin sensitivity in the early phases of nonalcoholic fatty liver diseaseGehrke, Nadine; Hofmann, Lea J.; Straub, Beate K.; Rühle, Frank; Waisman, Ari; Galle, Peter R.; Schattenberg, Jörn M.
hepatocyte_bcl3_protects_from-20230210100315764.pdf.jpg202210-Feb-2023Hepatocyte Bcl-3 protects from death-receptor mediated apoptosis and subsequent acute liver failureGehrke, Nadine; Wörns, Marcus A.; Mann, Amrit; Hövelmeyer, Nadine; Waisman, Ari; Straub, Beate K.; Galle, Peter R.; Schattenberg, Jörn M.
integrative_analysis_of_intra-20230119093626696.pdf.jpg202219-Jan-2023Integrative analysis of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma subtypes for improved patient stratification : clinical, pathological, and radiological considerationsGerber, Tiemo S.; Müller, Lukas; Bartsch, Fabian; Gröger, Lisa-Katharina; Schindeldecker, Mario; Ridder, Dirk A.; Goeppert, Benjamin; Möhler, Markus; Dueber, Christoph; Lang, Hauke; Roth, Wilfried; Kloeckner, Roman; Straub, Beate K.
ncadherin_distinguishes_intra-20230112135952723.pdf.jpg202213-Jan-2023N-cadherin distinguishes intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma from liver metastases of ductal adenocarcinoma of the pancreasGerber, Tiemo S.; Goeppert, Benjamin; Hausen, Anne; Witzel, Hagen R.; Bartsch, Fabian; Schindeldecker, Mario; Gröger, Lisa-Katharina; Ridder, Dirk A.; Cahyadi, Oscar; Esposito, Irene; Gaida, Matthias M.; Schirmacher, Peter; Galle, Peter R.; Lang, Hauke; Roth, Wilfried; Straub, Beate K.
swisnfdeficient_undifferentia-20220802103521283.pdf.jpg20212-Aug-2022SWI/SNF-deficient undifferentiated/rhabdoid carcinoma of the gallbladder carrying a POLE mutation in a 30-year-old woman : a case reportGerber, Tiemo S.; Agaimy, Abbas; Hartmann, Arndt; Habekost, Michael; Roth, Wilfried; Stenzinger, Albrecht; Schirmacher, Peter; Straub, Beate K.