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59110.pdf.jpg201917-Jun-2019Current state and future prospects of EEG and fNIRS in robot-assisted gait rehabilitation : a brief reviewBerger, Alisa; Horst, Fabian; Müller, Sophia; Steinberg, Fabian; Doppelmayr, Michael
effects_of_highdefinition_ano-20220924202351072.pdf.jpg20176-Oct-2022Effects of high-definition anodal transcranial direct current stimulation applied simultaneously to both primary motor cortices on bimanual sensorimotor performancePixa, Nils; Steinberg, Fabian; Doppelmayr, Michael
executive_functions_of_divers-20220914235500708.pdf.jpg20176-Oct-2022Executive functions of divers are selectively impaired at 20-meter water depthSteinberg, Fabian; Doppelmayr, Michael
human_performance_in_a_realis-20220914234151448.pdf.jpg20155-Oct-2022Human performance in a realistic instrument-control task during short-term microgravitySteinberg, Fabian; Kalicinski, Michael; Dalecki, Marc; Bock, Otmar
mirror_visual_feedback_traini-20220914103726561.pdf.jpg201614-Sep-2022Mirror visual feedback training improves intermanual transfer in a sport-specific task : a comparison between different skill levelsSteinberg, Fabian; Pixa, Nils; Doppelmayr, Michael
berger_alisa-neural_ccorrel-20210202092800590.pdf.jpg20202-Feb-2021Neural correlates of age-related changes in precise grip force regulation: a combined EEG-fNIRS studyBerger, Alisa; Steinberg, Fabian; Thomas, Fabian; Doppelmayr, Michael
58971.pdf.jpg201922-Feb-2019Neurocognitive markers during prolonged breath-holding in freedivers : an event-related EEG studySteinberg, Fabian; Doppelmayr, Michael
58813.pdf.jpg20196-Feb-2019A review of acute aerobic exercise and transcranial direct current stimulation effects on cognitive functions and their potential synergiesSteinberg, Fabian; Pixa, Nils; Fregni, Felipe