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bednarczyk_monika-complement-ops-20210706181602789.pdf.jpg20219-Jul-2021Complement-opsonized nano-carriers are bound by dendritic cells (DC) via complement receptor (CR)3, and by B cell subpopulations via CR-1/2, and affect the activation of DC and B-1 cellsBednarczyk, Monika; Medina-Montano, Carolina; Fittler, Frederic Julien; Stege, Henner; Roskamp, Meike; Kuske, Michael; Langer, Christian; Vahldieck, Marco; Montermann, Evelyn; Tubbe, Ingrid; Röhrig, Nadine; Dzionek, Andrzej; Grabbe, Stephan; Bros, Matthias
new_diagnostic_and_imaging_te-20220906120755130.pdf.jpg20216-Sep-2022New diagnostic and imaging technologies in dermatologyJartarkar, Shishira R.; Patil, Anant; Wollina, Uwe; Gold, Michael H.; Stege, Henner; Grabbe, Stephan; Goldust, Mohamad
protease_and_cell_typespecifi-20230110123737986.pdf.jpg202210-Jan-2023Protease- and cell type–specific activation of protease-activated receptor 2 in cutaneous inflammationFleischer, Maria Isabel; Röhrig, Nadine; Raker, Verena K.; Springer, Juliane; Becker, Detlef; Ritz, Sandra; Bros, Matthias; Stege, Henner; Haist, Maximilian; Grabbe, Stephan; Haub, Jessica; Becker, Christian; Reyda, Sabine; Disse, Jennifer; Schmidt, Talkea; Mahnke, Karsten; Weiler, Hartmut; Ruf, Wolfram; Steinbrik, Kerstin
stege_h._m.-retrospective_-20210420114755285.pdf.jpg202011-May-2021Retrospective multicenter analysis of the outcome of a re-induction with immune checkpoint inhibitors in advanced Merkel cell carcinomaStege, Henner; Bradfish, F.; Fleischer, Maria Isabel; Mohr, Peter; Ugurel, Selma; Terheyden, P.; Thiem, A.; Kiecker, Felix; Leiter, U.; Becker, Jürgen C.; Grabbe, Stephan; Loquai, Carmen
the_status_of_adjuvant_and_ne-20220829114022401.pdf.jpg202130-Aug-2022The status of adjuvant and neoadjuvant melanoma therapy, new developments and upcoming challengesStege, Henner; Haist, Maximilian; Nikfarjam, Ulrike; Schultheis, Michael; Heinz, Jaqueline; Pemler, Saskia; Loquai, Carmen; Grabbe, Stephan