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acute_effects_of_strength_exe-20220710235013206.pdf.jpg201712-Jul-2022Acute effects of strength exercises and effects of regular strength training on cell free DNA concentrations in blood plasmaTug, Suzan; Tross, Anna-Katharina; Hegen, Patrick; Neuberger, Elmo; Helmig, Susanne; Schöllhorn, Wolfgang; Simon, Perikles
58369.pdf.jpg201823-Jul-2018Applicability of a web-based, individualized exercise intervention in patients with liver disease, cystic fibrosis, esophageal cancer, and psychiatric disorders : process evaluation of 4 ongoing clinical trialsPfirrmann, Daniel; Haller, Nils; Huber, Yvonne; Jung, Patrick; Lieb, Klaus; Gockel, Ines; Poplawska, Krystyna; Schattenberg, Jörn; Simon, Perikles
association_of_innate_and_acq-20220321094733682.pdf.jpg202121-Mar-2022Association of innate and acquired aerobic capacity with resilience in healthy adults : protocol for a randomized controlled trial of an 8-week web-based physical exercise interventionOchmann, David T.; Philippi, Keito F. A.; Zeier, Peter; Sandner, Magdalena; Hillen, Barlo; Neuberger, Elmo W. I.; Ruiz de Azua, Inigo; Lieb, Klaus; Wessa, Michèle; Lutz, Beat; Simon, Perikles; Brahmer, Alexandra
associations_between_physical-20220925173357345.pdf.jpg20137-Oct-2022Associations between physical and cognitive doping : a cross-sectional study in 2.997 triathletesDietz, Pavel; Ulrich, Rolf; Dalaker, Robert; Striegel, Heiko; Franke, Andreas; Lieb, Klaus; Simon, Perikles
bloodbased_biomarkers_for_man-20230824122228708.pdf.jpg202324-Aug-2023Blood-based biomarkers for managing workload in athletes : perspectives for research on emerging biomarkersHaller, Nils; Reichel, Thomas; Zimmer, Philipp; Behringer, Michael; Wahl, Patrick; Stöggl, Thomas; Krüger, Karsten; Simon, Perikles
58433.pdf.jpg201814-Aug-2018Boost me: prevalence and reasons for the use of stimulant containing pre workout supplements among fitness studio visitors in Mainz (Germany)Dreher, Matthias; Ehlert, Tobias; Simon, Perikles; Neuberger, Elmo
58192.pdf.jpg201825-May-2018Circulating, cell-free DNA as a marker for exercise load in intermittent sportsHaller, Nils; Helmig, Susanne; Taenny, Pascal; Petry, Julian; Schmidt, Sebastian; Simon, Perikles
a_comparison_of_the_cheater_d-20220913200337094.pdf.jpg201614-Sep-2022A comparison of the cheater detection and the unrelated question models: a randomized response survey on physical and cognitive doping in recreational triathletesSchröter, Hannes; Studzinski, Beatrix; Dietz, Pavel; Ulrich, Rolf; Striegel, Heiko; Simon, Perikles
comprehensive_training_load_m-20221110113943668.pdf.jpg202220-Dec-2022Comprehensive training load monitoring with biomarkers, performance testing, local positioning data, and questionnaires : first results from elite youth soccerHaller, Nils; Blumkaitis, Julia C.; Strepp, Tilmann; Schmuttermair, Anna; Aglas, Lorenz; Simon, Perikles; Neuberger, Elmo; Kranzinger, Christina; Kranziger, Stefan; O’Brien, James; Ergoth, Bernd; Raffetseder, Stefan; Fail, Christian; Düring, Manfred; Stöggl, Thomas
brahmer_alexandra-considerations-20210202105610818.pdf.jpg20204-Feb-2021Considerations for the analysis of small extracellular vesicles in physical exerciceBrahmer, Alexandra; Neuberger, Elmo W. I.; Simon, Perikles; Krämer-Albers, Eva-Maria
59038.pdf.jpg201918-Apr-2019Convenience behavior and being overweight in adults : development and validation of the convenience behavior questionnaireDreher, Matthias; Hoffmann, Sascha W.; Brendel, Conny; Heser, David; Simon, Perikles
determinants_of_university_st-20230221114808250.pdf.jpg202219-Apr-2023Determinants of university students’ COVID‑19 vaccination intentions and behaviorSchäfer, Markus; Stark, Birgit; Werner, Antonia M.; Mülder, Lina M.; Heller, Sebastian; Reichel, Jennifer L.; Schwab, Lisa; Rigotti, Thomas; Beutel, Manfred E.; Simon, Perikles; Letzel, Stephan; Dietz, Pavel
distinct_patterns_of_universi-20221103100550371.pdf.jpg20227-Nov-2022Distinct patterns of university students study crafting and the relationships to exhaustion, well-being, and engagementMülder, Lina Marie; Schimek, Sonja; Werner, Antonia Maria; Reichel, Jennifer L.; Heller, Sebastian; Tibubos, Ana Nanette; Schäfer, Markus; Dietz, Pavel; Letztel, Stephan; Beutel, Manfred E.; Stark, Birgit; Simon, Perikles; Rigotti, Thomas
establishing_pnbqpcr_for_quan-20220925142339407.pdf.jpg201712-Oct-2022Establishing PNB-qPCR for quantifying minimal ctDNA concentrations during tumour resectionEhlert, Tobias; Tug, Suzan; Brahmer, Alexandra; Neef, Vanessa; Heid, Florian; Werner, Christian; Jansen-Winkeln, Boris; Kneist, Werner; Lang, Hauke; Gockel, Ines; Simon, Perikles
feasibility_and_implementatio-20220706105914733.pdf.jpg20216-Jul-2022Feasibility and implementation of a personalized, web-based exercise intervention for people with cystic fibrosis for 1 yearHillen, Barlo; Simon, Perikles; Schlotter, Sebastian; Nitsche, Oliver; Bähner, Viola; Poplawska, Krystyna; Pfirrmann, Daniel
58660.pdf.jpg201826-Nov-2018Individualized web-based exercise for the treatment of depression : randomized controlled trialHaller, Nils; Lorenz, Sonja; Pfirrmann, Daniel; Koch, Cora; Lieb, Klaus; Dettweiler, Ulrich; Simon, Perikles; Jung, Patrick
informiert=geimpft?_das_infor-20230424120050861.pdf.jpg20233-May-2023Informiert = Geimpft? : Das Informationsverhalten und die COVID-19-Impfentscheidung bei StudierendenSchäfer, Markus; Stark, Birgit; Werner, Antonia M.; Mülder, Lina M.; Reichel, Jennifer L.; Heller, Sebastian; Schwab, Lisa; Rigotti, Thomas; Beutel, Manfred E.; Simon, Perikles; Letzel, Stephan; Dietz, Pavel
internetbased_perioperative_e-20220925163232401.pdf.jpg201714-Oct-2022Internet-based perioperative exercise program in patients with Barrett’s carcinoma scheduled for esophagectomy [iPEP - study] a prospective randomized-controlled trialPfirrmann, Daniel; Tug, Suzan; Brosteanu, Oana; Mehdorn, Matthias; Busse, Martin; Grimminger, Peter P.; Lordick, Florian; Glatz, Torben; Hoeppner, Jens; Lang, Hauke; Simon, Perikles; Gockel, Ines
neuberger_elmo-kinetics_and_t-20211112120608184.pdf.jpg202112-Nov-2021Kinetics and topology of DNA associated with circulating extracellular vesicles released during exerciseNeuberger, Elmo W. I.; Hillen, Barlo; Mayr, Katharina; Simon, Perikles; Krämer-Albers, Eva-Maria; Brahmer, Alexandra
kinetics_of_plasma_cellfree_d-20230525145122622.pdf.jpg202326-May-2023Kinetics of plasma cell-free DNA under a highly standardized and controlled stress inductionHerhaus, Benedict; Neuberger, Elmo; Juškevičiūtė, Ema; Simon, Perikles; Petrowski, Katja