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absolute_and_relative_quantif-20220925162640532.pdf.jpg201414-Oct-2022Absolute and relative quantification of RNA modifications via biosynthetic isotopomersKellner, Stefanie; Ochel, Antonia; Thüring, Kathrin; Spenkuch, Felix; Neuman, Jennifer; Sharma, Sunny; Entian, Karl-Dieter; Schneider, Dirk; Helm, Mark
the_aqp2_mutation_v71m_causes-20220925142606282.pdf.jpg201512-Oct-2022The AQP2 mutation V71M causes nephrogenic diabetes insipidus in humans but does not impair the function of a bacterial homologKlein, Noreen; Kümmerer, Nadine; Hobernik, Dominika; Schneider, Dirk
kleinwächter_isabel_s.-the_bacteriost-20211109122146804.pdf.jpg20219-Nov-2021The bacteriostatic activity of 2-phenylethanol derivatives correlates with membrane binding affinityKleinwächter, Isabel S.; Pannwitt, Stefanie; Centi, Alessia; Hellmann, Nadja; Thines, Eckhard; Bereau, Tristan; Schneider, Dirk
binding_andor_hydrolysis_of_p-20221017120017531.pdf.jpg202111-Nov-2022Binding and/or hydrolysis of purine-based nucleotides is not required for IM30 ring formationSiebenaller, Carmen; Schlösser, Lukas; Junglas, Benedikt; Schmidt-Dengler, Martina; Jacob, Dominik; Hellmann, Nadja; Sachse, Carsten; Helm, Mark; Schneider, Dirk
59031.pdf.jpg201915-Apr-2019Covalently linking oligomerization-impaired GlpF protomers does not completely re-establish wild-type channel activityKlein, Noreen; Trefz, Margareta; Schneider, Dirk
59861.pdf.jpg20203-Jun-2020DnaK3 is involved in biogenesis and/or maintenance of thylakoid membrane protein complexes in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803Thurotte, Adrien; Seidel, Tobias; Jilly, Ruven; Kahmann, Uwe; Schneider, Dirk
57931.pdf.jpg20187-Mar-2018Dynamin-like proteins are potentially involved in membrane dynamics within chloroplasts and cyanobacteriaJilly, Ruven; Khan, Nadir Zaman; Aronsson, Henrik; Schneider, Dirk
58970.pdf.jpg201922-Feb-2019The fusion activity of IM30 rings involves controlled unmasking of the fusogenic coreThurotte, Adrien; Schneider, Dirk
gtp_hydrolysis_by_synechocyst-20220128101832259.pdf.jpg202028-Jan-2022GTP hydrolysis by Synechocystis IM30 does not decisively affect its membrane remodeling activityJunglas, Benedikt; Siebenaller, Carmen; Schlösser, Lukas; Hellmann, Nadja; Schneider, Dirk
homologs_of_the_yeast_tvp38_v-20220924212250087.pdf.jpg201312-Oct-2022Homologs of the yeast Tvp38 vesicle-associated protein are conserved in chloroplasts and cyanobacteriaKeller, Rebecca; Schneider, Dirk
human_claudin7_cisinteraction-20221025142914201.pdf.jpg202226-Oct-2022Human Claudin-7 cis-interactions are not crucial for membrane-membrane (trans-) interactionsAhlswede, Lena; Siebenaller, Carmen; Junglas, Benedikt; Hellmann, Nadja; Schneider, Dirk
hydrophobic_mismatch_and_sequ-20221201122454514.pdf.jpg202220-Dec-2022Hydrophobic mismatch and sequence specificity compete when transmembrane helix-helix interactions are measured with the TOXCAT assayHellmann, Nadja; Schneider, Dirk
3620.pdf.jpg201323-Dec-2013Hypersonic phonon propagation in mesoscopic systems by Brillouin spectroscopySchneider, Dirk
x-im30_idps_form-20210420093443760.pdf.jpg202023-Apr-2021IM30 IDPs form a membrane-protective carpet upon super-complex disassemblyJunglas, Benedikt; Orru, Roberto; Axt, Amelie; Siebenaller, Carmen; Steinchen, Wieland; Heidrich, Jennifer; Hellmich, Ute A.; Hellmann, Nadja; Wolf, Eva; Weber, Stefan A. L.; Schneider, Dirk
düppre_eva-the_j‐_and_g/f-20210108101701006.pdf.jpg20208-Jan-2021The J‐ and G/F‐domains of the major Synechocystis DnaJ protein Sll0897 are sufficient for cell viability but not for heat resistanceDüppre, Eva; Schneider, Dirk
sequencespecific_dimerization-20220914005324699.pdf.jpg20145-Oct-2022Sequence-specific dimerization of a transmembrane helix in amphipol A8-35Stangl, Michael; Unger, Sebastian; Keller, Sandro; Schneider, Dirk
cymer_florian-small_residues-20211115121527126.pdf.jpg202115-Nov-2021Small residues inhibit homo-dimerization of the human carbonic anhydrase XII transmembrane domainCymer, Florian; Schneider, Dirk
the_soluble_loop_bc_region_gu-20220612152254088.pdf.jpg201713-Jun-2022The soluble loop BC region guides, but not dictates, the assembly of the transmembrane cytochrome b6Tome-Stangl, Lydia; Schätzel, Cornelia; Tenzer, Stefan; Bernhard, Frank; Schneider, Dirk