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58369.pdf.jpg201823-Jul-2018Applicability of a web-based, individualized exercise intervention in patients with liver disease, cystic fibrosis, esophageal cancer, and psychiatric disorders : process evaluation of 4 ongoing clinical trialsPfirrmann, Daniel; Haller, Nils; Huber, Yvonne; Jung, Patrick; Lieb, Klaus; Gockel, Ines; Poplawska, Krystyna; Schattenberg, Jörn; Simon, Perikles
59415.pdf.jpg201911-Nov-2019Cardiovascular risk categories in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and the role of low-density lipoprotein cholesterolLabenz, Christian; Prochaska, Jürgen H.; Huber, Yvonne; Nagel, Michael; Straub, Beate; Wild, Philipp; Galle, Peter R.; Schattenberg, Jörn
diabetic_liver_injury_from_st-20220913193459567.pdf.jpg201314-Sep-2022Diabetic liver injury from streptozotocin is regulated through the caspase-8 homolog cFLIP involving activation of JNK2 and intrahepatic immunocompetent cellsKohl, Tobias; Gehrke, Nadine; Schad, Arno; Nagel, Michael; Wörns, Marcus-Alexander; Sprinzl, Martin; Zimmermann, Tim; He, You Wen; Galle, Peter R.; Schuchmann, Marcus; Schattenberg, Jörn
medical_appointments_and_prov-20230525134112193.pdf.jpg202326-May-2023Medical appointments and provision of medical care during the COVID-19 pandemic in Mainz, GermanySchepers, Markus; Schmidtmann, Irene; Zahn, Daniela; Wild, Philipp; Beutel, Manfred; Schuster, Alexander K.; Münzel, Thomas; Lackner, Karl J.; Geschke, Katharina; Schattenberg, Jörn; Baumkötter, Rieke; Yilmaz, Simge; Wollschläger, Daniel
58803.pdf.jpg201924-Jan-2019Web-based exercise as an effective complementary treatment for patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease : intervention studyPfirrmann, Daniel; Huber, Yvonne; Schattenberg, Jörn; Simon, Perikles