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anatomical_evaluation_of_the_-20220805102446317.pdf.jpg20215-Aug-2022Anatomical evaluation of the transpubic screw corridor based on a 3D statistical model of the pelvic ringArand, Charlotte; Wagner, Daniel; Richards, Robert Geoff; Noser, Hansrudi; Kamer, Lukas; Gehweiler, Dominic; Hopf, Johannes; Rommens, Pol M.
handrich_kristin-asymmetry_of_t-20210702113228829.pdf.jpg20212-Jul-2021Asymmetry of the pelvic ring evaluated by CT-based 3D statistical modelingHandrich, Kristin; Kamer, Lukas; Mayo, Keith; Sawaguchi, Takeshi; Noser, Hansrudi; Arand, Charlotte; Wagner, Daniel; Rommens, Pol M.
langendorf_eva_k.-detecting_the_-20200820172623600.pdf.jpg202028-Aug-2020Detecting the effects of the glucocorticoid dexamethasone on primary human skeletal muscle cells : differences to the murine cell lineLangendorf, Eva K.; Rommens, Pol M.; Drees, Philipp; Mattyasovszky, Stefan G.; Ritz, Ulrike
reiner_iris-early_posttrau-20210913080725178.pdf.jpg202113-Sep-2021Early posttraumatic stress symptoms and levels of distress in trauma patients treated in the resuscitation room : an exploratory studyReiner, Iris; Beutel, Manfred E.; Winter, Philipp; Rommens, Pol M.; Kuhn, Sebastian
exposure_to_radial_extracorpo-20220602121842175.pdf.jpg20202-Jun-2022Exposure to radial extracorporeal shockwaves induces muscle regeneration after muscle injury in a surgical rat modelLangendorf, Eva K.; Klein, Anja; Drees, Philipp; Rommens, Pol M.; Mattyasovszky, Stefan G.; Ritz, Ulrike
focus_on_acetabular_fractures-20220729154332769.pdf.jpg20213-Aug-2022Focus on acetabular fracturesRommens, Pol M.; Bastian, Johannes D.
belikan_patrick-intramuscular_-20200820174030374.pdf.jpg202028-Aug-2020Intramuscular injection of combined calf blood compound (CFC) and homeopathic drug Tr14 accelerates muscle regeneration in vivoBelikan, Patrick; Nauth, Lisa; Färber, Lars-Christopher; Abel, Frédéric; Langendorf, Eva; Drees, Philipp; Rommens, Pol M.; Ritz, Ulrike; Mattyasovszky, Stefan G.
is_there_a_correlation_betwee-20230117104408601.pdf.jpg202217-Jan-2023Is there a correlation between pelvic incidence and orientation of the acetabulum? : An analysis based on a three-dimensional statistical model of the pelvic ringArand, Charlotte; Noser, Hansrudi; Kamer, Lukas; Gehweiler, Dominic; Handrich, Kirstin; Rommens, Pol M.; Wagner, Daniel
transsacral_bar_osteosynthesi-20220805120158788.pdf.jpg20215-Aug-2022Trans-sacral bar osteosynthesis provides low mortality and high mobility in patients with fragility fractures of the pelvisWagner, Daniel; Kisilak, Miha; Porcheron, Geoffrey; Krämer, Sven; Mehling, Isabella; Hofmann, Alexander; Rommens, Pol M.