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58549.pdf.jpg20187-Nov-2018Ddpd as expanded terpyridine : dramatic effects of symmetry and electronic properties in first row transition metal complexesFörster, Christoph; Dorn, Matthias; Reuter, Thomas; Otto, Sven; Davarci, Güllü; Reich, Tobias; Carrella, Luca; Rentschler, Eva; Heinze, Katja
rentschler_eva-filling_the_ga-20210607171834732.pdf.jpg202125-Jun-2021Filling the gap in the metallacrown family : the 9-MC-3 chromium metallacrownLüpke, Anne; Carrella, Luca M.; Rentschler, Eva
ligand_design_for_heterometal-20230304183507631.pdf.jpg202315-Jun-2023Ligand design for heterometallic 3d metallacrown complexesRentschler, Eva; Gamer, Christoph
luminescence_and_lightdriven_-20220601114716967.pdf.jpg20191-Jun-2022Luminescence and light-driven energy and electron transfer from an exceptionally long-lived excited state of a non-innocent chromium(III) complexTreiling, Steffen; Wang, Cui; Förster, Christoph; Reichenauer, Florian; Kalmbach, Jens; Boden, Pit; Harris, Joe P.; Carrella, Luca M.; Rentschler, Eva; Resch-Genger, Ute; Reber, Christian; Seitz, Michael; Gerhards, Markus; Heinze, Katja
magnetic_molecular_rectangles-20220426112715955.pdf.jpg202126-Apr-2022Magnetic molecular rectangles constructed from functionalized nitronyl-nitroxide ligands and lanthanide(III) ionsCalancea, Sergiu; Carrella, Luca; Mocanu, Teodora; Sadohin, Vladimir; Raduca, Mihai; Gutu, Iacob; Rocha, Julio da; Vaz, Maria G. F.; Rentschler, Eva; Andruh, Marius
single_vs_doubledecker_copper-20230201141853857.pdf.jpg20222-Feb-2023Single- vs double-decker copper 12-MC-4 metallacrown using the coordination flexibility of a soft donor ligandGamer, Christoph; Sundaresan, Sriram; Carrella, Luca M.; Rentschler, Eva
becker_patrick_m.-spin_crossover-20210804150827083.pdf.jpg20209-Aug-2021Spin crossover and long-live excited states in a reduced molecular rubyBecker, Patrick M.; Förster, Christoph; Carrella, Luca M.; Boden, Pit; Hunger, David; van Slageren, Joris; Gerhards, Markus; Rentschler, Eva; Heinze, Katja