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59520.pdf.jpg201924-Jan-2020Antibiotic treatment protocols and germ-free mouse models in vascular researchBayer, Franziska; Ascher, Stefanie; Potarollo, Giulia; Reinhardt, Christoph
58710.pdf.jpg201819-Dec-2018Coagulation factor 9-deficient mice are protected against dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitisKhandagale, Avinash; Kittner, Jens M.; Mann, Amrit; Ascher, Stefanie; Kollar, Bettina; Reinhardt, Christoph
bayer_franziska-colonization_w-20211102131705502.pdf.jpg20215-Nov-2021Colonization with altered Schaedler flora impacts leukocyte adhesion in mesenteric ischemia-reperfusion injuryBayer, Franziska; Ascher, Stefanie; Kiouptsi, Klytaimnistra; Kittner, Jens M.; Stauber, Roland H.; Reinhardt, Christoph
59039.pdf.jpg201918-Apr-2019Common miRNA patterns of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease and their putative impact on commensal gut microbiotaHewel, Charlotte; Kaiser, Julia; Wierczeiko, Anna; Linke, Jan; Reinhardt, Christoph; Endres, Kristina; Gerber, Susanne
58763.pdf.jpg20198-Jan-2019Hypoxia evokes increased PDI and PDIA6 expression in the infarcted myocardium of ex-germ-free and conventionally raised miceKiouptsi, Klytaimnistra; Finger, Stefanie; Garlapati, Venkata S.; Knorr, Maike; Brandt, Moritz; Walter, Ulrich; Wenzel, Philip; Reinhardt, Christoph
guilherme_malena_dos_santos-impact_of_gut_-20210723153125506.pdf.jpg202130-Jul-2021Impact of gut microbiome manipulation in 5xFAD mice on Alzheimer’s disease-like pathologySantos Guilherme, Malena dos; Nguyen, Vu Thu Thuy; Reinhardt, Christoph; Endres, Kristina
reinhardt_christoph-α-linolenic_ac-20200820164623186.pdf.jpg202027-Aug-2020α-linolenic acid-rich diet influences microbiota composition and villus morphology of the mouse small intestineTodorov, Hristo; Kollar, Bettina; Bayer, Franziska; Brandão, Inês; Mann, Amrit; Mohr, Julia; Pontarollo, Giulia; Formes, Henning; Stauber, Roland; Kitter, Jens M.; Endres, Kristina; Watzer, Bernhard; Nockher, Wolfgang Andreas; Sommer, Felix; Gerber, Susanne; Reinhardt, Christoph