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the_complete_design_in_the_co-20220817161652925.pdf.jpg201418-Aug-2022The complete design in the composite face paradigm : role of response bias, target certainty, and feedbackMeinhardt, Günter; Meinhardt-Injac, Bozana; Persike, Malte
the_composite_effect_is_faces-20220914000538852.pdf.jpg20164-Oct-2022The composite effect is face-specific in young but not older adultsMeinhardt, Günter; Persike, Malte; Meinhardt-Injac, Bozana
the_composite_face_effect_is_-20220624124519572.pdf.jpg202127-Jun-2022The composite face effect is robust against perceptual misfitKurbel, David; Meinhardt-Injac, Bozana; Persike, Malte; Meinhardt, Günter
1692.pdf.jpg200812-Aug-2008Contour integration and principles of perceptual groupingPersike, Malte
cue_combination_anisotropies_-20220925160709214.pdf.jpg20157-Dec-2022Cue combination anisotropies in contour integration : the role of lower spatial frequenciesPersike, Malte; Meinhardt, Günter
development_of_visual_systems-20220925165106308.pdf.jpg201417-Oct-2022Development of visual systems for faces and objects : further evidence for prolonged development of the face systemMeinhardt-Injac, Bozana; Persike, Malte; Meinhardt, Günter
effects_of_spatial_frequency_-20220710203919706.pdf.jpg201511-Jul-2022Effects of spatial frequency similarity and dissimilarity on contour integrationPersike, Malte; Meinhardt, Günter
the_face_inversion_effect_in_-20220925143502124.pdf.jpg201412-Oct-2022The face inversion effect in opponent-stimulus rivalryPersike, Malte; Meinhardt-Injac, Bozana; Meinhardt, Günter
holistic_face_perception_in_y-20220712203305647.pdf.jpg201413-Jul-2022Holistic face perception in young and older adults : effects of feedback and attentional demandMeinhardt-Injac, Bozana; Persike, Malte; Meinhardt, Günter
object_localization_does_not_-20220914003213824.pdf.jpg20175-Oct-2022Object localization does not imply awareness of object category at the break of continuous flash suppressionKobylka, Florian; Persike, Malte; Meinhardt, Günter
on_response_bias_in_the_face_-20220925164058706.pdf.jpg201717-Oct-2022On response bias in the face congruency effect for internal and external featuresMeinhardt, Günter; Meinhardt-Injac, Bozana; Persike, Malte
the_preview_benefit_in_single-20220913201800773.pdf.jpg20157-Dec-2022The preview benefit in single-feature and conjunction search : constraints of visual markingMeinhardt, Günter; Persike, Malte
the_sensitivity_to_replacemen-20220913185022809.pdf.jpg201514-Sep-2022The sensitivity to replacement and displacement of the eyes region in early adolescence, young and later adulthoodMeinhardt-Injac, Bozana; Persike, Malte; Imhof, Margarete; Meinhardt, Günter
58216.pdf.jpg20187-Jun-2018The two-systems account of theory of mind : testing the links to social-perceptual and cognitive abilitiesMeinhardt-Injac, Bozana; Daum, Moritz M.; Meinhardt, Günter; Persike, Malte