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gaba<sub>a<sub>_receptorstabi-20220523105546875.pdf.jpg202220-Dec-2022GABAA receptor-stabilizing protein Ubqln1 affects hyperexcitability and epileptogenesis after traumatic brain injury and in a model of in vitro epilepsy in miceKürten, Tabea; Ihbe, Natascha; Ueberbach, Timo; Distler, Ute; Sielaff, Malte; Tenzer, Stefan; Mittmann, Thomas
physiological_properties_of_s-20220914100517320.pdf.jpg201514-Sep-2022Physiological properties of supragranular cortical inhibitory interneurons expressing retrograde persistent firingImbrosci, Barbara; Neitz, Angela; Mittmann, Thomas
59409.pdf.jpg20198-Nov-2019Proteasome and autophagy-mediated impairment of late long-term potentiation (l-LTP) after traumatic brain injury in the somatosensory cortex of miceFeldmann, Lucia K.; Le Prieult, Florie; Felzen, Vanessa; Thal, Serge; Engelhard, Kristin; Behl, Christian; Mittmann, Thomas
recovery_kinetics_of_shortter-20240205165119655.pdf.jpg202319-Feb-2024Recovery kinetics of short-term depression of GABAergic and glutamatergic synapses at layer 2/3 pyramidal cells in the mouse barrel cortexLombardi, Aniello; Wang, Qiang; Stüttgen, Maik C.; Mittmann, Thomas; Luhmann, Heiko J.; Kilb, Werner
sequestome_1_deficiency_delay-20220914005758985.pdf.jpg20175-Oct-2022Sequestome 1 deficiency delays, but does not prevent brain damage formation following acute brain injury in adult miceSebastiani, Anne; Gölz, Christina; Sebastiani, Philipp G.; Bobkiewicz, Wiesia; Behl, Christian; Mittmann, Thomas; Thal, Serge; Engelhard, Kristin
tonic_activation_of_gabab_rec-20230804120959824.pdf.jpg20238-Aug-2023Tonic activation of GABAB receptors via GAT-3 mediated GABA release reduces network activity in the developing somatosensory cortex in GAD67-GFP miceUeberbach, Timo; Simacek, Clara A.; Tegeder, Irmgard; Kirischuk, Sergei; Mittmann, Thomas