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baseline_splenic_volume_outwe-20230119103743062.pdf.jpg202220-Jan-2023Baseline splenic volume outweighs immuno-modulated size changes with regard to survival outcome in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma under immunotherapyMüller, Lukas; Gairing, Simon Johannes; Kloeckner, Roman; Foerster, Friedrich; Weinmann, Arndt; Mittler, Jens; Stoehr, Fabian; Emrich, Tilman; Düber, Christoph; Galle, Peter Robert; Hahn, Felix
efficacy_and_safety_of_a_conv-20220714111608576.pdf.jpg201515-Jul-2022Efficacy and safety of a conversion from the original tacrolimus and mycophenolate mofetil to the generics Tacpan® and Mowel® after liver transplantationVollmar, Johanna; Bellmann, Maren Christina; Darstein, Felix; Hoppe-Lotichius, Maria; Mittler, Jens; Heise, Michael; Rüttger, Bernd; Weyer, Veronika; Zimmermann, Anca; Lang, Hauke; Galle, Peter R.; Zimmermann, Tim
fully_automated_aibased_splen-20221114113932032.pdf.jpg202220-Dec-2022Fully automated AI-based splenic segmentation for predicting survival and estimating the risk of hepatic decompensation in TACE patients with HCCMüller, Lukas; Kloeckner, Roman; Mähringer-Kunz, Aline; Stoehr, Fabian; Düber, Christoph; Arnhold, Gordon; Gairing, Simon Johannes; Foerster, Friedrich; Weinmann, Arndt; Galle, Peter Robert; Mittler, Jens; Pinto dos Santos, Daniel; Hahn, Felix
prevalence_and_clinical_signi-20221201094912961.pdf.jpg20221-Dec-2022Prevalence and clinical significance of clinically evident portal hypertension in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma undergoing transarterial chemoembolizationMüller, Lukas; Hahn, Felix; Mähringer-Kunz, Aline; Stoehr, Fabian; Gairing, Simon Johannes; Foerster, Friedrich; Weinmann, Arndt; Galle, Peter R.; Mittler, Jens; Pinto dos Santos, Daniel; Pitton, Michael Bernhard; Düber, Christoph; Fehrenbach, Uli; Auer, Timo Alexander; Gebauer, Bernhard; Kloeckner, Roman
quantitative_assessment_of_wa-20220712210452927.pdf.jpg201614-Jul-2022Quantitative assessment of washout in hepatocellular carcinoma using MRIKlöckner, Roman; Pinto dos Santos, Daniel; Kreitner, Karl-Friedrich; Leicher-Düber, Anne; Weinmann, Arndt; Mittler, Jens; Düber, Christoph
mittler_jens-surgical_duct--20210514092520223.pdf.jpg202126-May-2021Surgical duct-to-duct reconstruction : an alternative approach to late biliary anastomotic stricture after deceased donor liver transplantationMittler, Jens; Chavin, Kenneth D.; Kloeckner, Roman; Zimmermann, Tim; Lang, Hauke
transjugular_portosystemic_st-20220822160202310.pdf.jpg202224-Aug-2022Transjugular portosystemic stent shunt : impact of right atrial pressure on portal venous hemodynamics within the first weekPitton, Michael Bernhard; Weinmann, Arndt; Klockner, Roman; Mittler, Jens; Ruckes, Christian; Düber, Christoph; Otto, Gerd