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comparison_of_spike_parameter-20220925162137979.pdf.jpg201514-Oct-2022Comparison of spike parameters from optically identified GABAergic and glutamatergic neurons in sparse cortical culturesWeir, Keiko; Blanquie, Oriane; Kilb, Werner; Luhmann, Heiko; Sinning, Anne
developmental_switch_in_neuro-20220913235815807.pdf.jpg20134-Oct-2022Developmental switch in neurovascular coupling in the immature rodent barrel cortexZehendner, Christoph M.; Tsohataridis, Simeon; Luhmann, Heiko; Yang, Jenq-Wei
58716.pdf.jpg201819-Dec-2018Giant depolarizing potentials trigger transient changes in the intracellular Cl(-) concentration in CA3 pyramidal neurons of the immature mouse hippocampusJedlicka, Peter; Lombardi, Aniello; Luhmann, Heiko; Kilb, Werner
high_stimulusrelated_informat-20220914001929405.pdf.jpg20154-Oct-2022High stimulus-related information in barrel cortex inhibitory interneuronsReyes-Puerta, Vicente; Kim, Suam; Sun, Jyh-Jang; Imbrosci, Barbara; Kilb, Werner; Luhmann, Heiko
59135.pdf.jpg20198-Jul-2019Interactions between membrane resistance, GABA-A receptor properties, bicarbonate dynamics and Cl<sup>−</sup> -transport shape activity-dependent changes of intracellular Cl<sup>−</sup> concentrationLombardi, Aniello; Jedlicka, Peter; Luhmann, Heiko; Kilb, Werner
moderate_hypoxia_followed_by_-20220913201702548.pdf.jpg201315-Sep-2022Moderate hypoxia followed by reoxygenation results in blood-brain barrier breakdown via oxidative stress-dependent tight-junction protein disruptionZehendner, Christoph M.; Librizzi, Laura; Hedrich, Jana; Bauer, Nina M.; Angamo, Eskedar A.; de Curtis, Marco; Luhmann, Heiko
a_novel_in_vitro_model_to_stu-20220914002813160.pdf.jpg201321-Oct-2022A novel in vitro model to study pericytes in the neurovascular unit of the developing cortexZehendner, Christoph M.; Wedler, Hannah E.; Luhmann, Heiko
oligodendroglial_argonaute_pr-20220914001724189.pdf.jpg20154-Oct-2022Oligodendroglial Argonaute protein Ago2 associates with molecules of the Mbp mRNA localization machinery and is a downstream target of Fyn kinaseMüller, Christina; Schäfer, Isabelle; Luhmann, Heiko; White, Robin
oligodendroglial_p130cas_is_a-20220924202002766.pdf.jpg20146-Oct-2022Oligodendroglial p130Cas is a target of Fyn kinase involved in process formation, cell migration and survivalGonsior, Constantin; Binamé, Fabien; Frühbeis, Carsten; Bauer, Nina M.; Hoch-Kraft, Peter; Luhmann, Heiko; Trotter, Jacqueline; White, Robin
3458.pdf.jpg201328-Jun-2013A simple and novel method to monitor breathing and heart rate in awake and urethane-anesthetized newborn rodentsZehendner, Christoph M.; Luhmann, Heiko; Yang, Jenq-Wei
sncrna715_inhibits_schwann_ce-20220925143755600.pdf.jpg201513-Oct-2022SncRNA715 inhibits Schwann cell myelin basic protein synthesisMüller, Christina; Hochhaus, Nina; Fontana, Xavier; Luhmann, Heiko; White, Robin
spindle_bursts_in_neonatal_ra-20220818122522503.pdf.jpg201618-Aug-2022Spindle bursts in neonatal rat cerebral cortexYang, Jenq-Wei; Reyes-Puerta, Vicente; Kilb, Werner; Luhmann, Heiko
spontaneous_neuronal_activity-20220710211335343.pdf.jpg201611-Jul-2022Spontaneous neuronal activity in developing neocortical networks : from single cells to large-scale cortical interactionsLuhmann, Heiko; Sinning, Anne; Yang, Jenq-Wei; Reyes-Puerta, Vicente; Stüttgen, Maik C.; Kirischuk, Sergei; Kilb, Werner
58718.pdf.jpg201819-Dec-2018The superior function of the subplate in early neocortical developmentLuhmann, Heiko; Kirischuk, Sergei; Kilb, Werner
taurine_activates_gabaergic_n-20220612171016197.pdf.jpg201420-Jun-2022Taurine activates GABAergic networks in the neocortex of immature miceSava, Bogdan A.; Chen, Rongqing; Sun, Haiyan; Luhmann, Heiko; Kilb, Werner
traumatic_brain_injury_result-20220713085451685.pdf.jpg201514-Jul-2022Traumatic brain injury results in rapid pericyte loss followed by reactive pericytosis in the cerebral cortexZehendner, Christoph M.; Sebastiani, Anne; Hugonnet, André; Bischoff, Florian; Luhmann, Heiko; Thal, Serge
3308.pdf.jpg201231-Jan-2013Volatile anesthetics influence blood-brain barrier integrity by modulation of tight junction protein expression in traumatic brain injuryThal, Serge; Luh, Clara; Schaible, Eva-Verena; Timaru-Kast, Ralph; Hedrich, Jana; Luhmann, Heiko; Engelhard, Kristin; Zehendner, Christoph M.