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Issue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
201823-Jul-2018Applicability of a web-based, individualized exercise intervention in patients with liver disease, cystic fibrosis, esophageal cancer, and psychiatric disorders : process evaluation of 4 ongoing clinical trialsPfirrmann, Daniel; Haller, Nils; Huber, Yvonne; Jung, Patrick; Lieb, Klaus; Gockel, Ines; Poplawska, Krystyna; Schattenberg, Jörn; Simon, Perikles
201831-Jul-2018Identification of disulfiram as a secretase-modulating compound with beneficial effects on Alzheimer’s disease hallmarksReinhardt, Sven; Stoye, Nicolai; Luderer, Mathias; Kiefer, Falk; Schmitt, Ulrich; Lieb, Klaus; Endres, Kristina
201826-Nov-2018Individualized web-based exercise for the treatment of depression : randomized controlled trialHaller, Nils; Lorenz, Sonja; Pfirrmann, Daniel; Koch, Cora; Lieb, Klaus; Dettweiler, Ulrich; Simon, Perikles; Jung, Patrick
20205-Jul-2021Non-pharmacologic multicomponent interventions preventing delirium in hospitalized peopleLudolph, Paul; Stoffers-Winterling, Jutta; Kunzler, Angela M.; Rösch, Romina; Geschke, Katharina; Vahl, Christian Friedrich; Lieb, Klaus
202019-May-2021Pharmacotherapy for borderline personality disorder : an update of published, unpublished and ongoing studiesStoffers-Winterling, Jutta; Storebø, Ole Jakob; Lieb, Klaus
20188-Aug-2018Population-based validation of a German version of the Brief Resilience ScaleChmitorz, Andrea; Wenzel, Mario; Stieglitz, Rolf-Dieter; Kunzler, Angela; Bagusat, Christiana; Helmreich, Isabella; Gerlicher, Anna; Kampa, Miriam; Kubiak, Thomas; Kalisch, Raffael; Lieb, Klaus; Tüscher, Oliver
202119-May-2021Resilience beyond reductionism : ethical and social dimensions of an emerging concept in the neurosciencesMünch, Nikolai; Mahdiani, Hamideh; Lieb, Klaus; Paul, Norbert W.
201819-Dec-2018Understanding and predicting antidepressant response : using animal models to move toward precision psychiatryHerzog, David P.; Beckmann, Holger; Lieb, Klaus; Ryu, Soojin; Müller, Marianne B.
201215-Oct-2012What users think about the differences between caffeine and illicit/prescription stimulants for cognitive enhancementFranke, Andreas; Lieb, Klaus; Hildt, Elisabeth