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comparison_of_cisplatin_and_m-20221117145309607.pdf.jpg202230-Jan-2023Comparison of cisplatin and mitomycin C/5-FU as radiosensitisers in the treatment of locally advanced vulvar cancer : results of a retrospective, observational, single-institutional cohort studyLinz, Valerie Catherine; Schwanbeck, Carina; Krajnak, Slavomir; Anic, Katharina; Jäkel, Jörg; Schwab, Roxana; Schmidt, Marcus; Schmidberger, Heinz; Hasenburg, Annette; Battista, Marco Johannes
frailty_assessment_tools_pred-20221117160146575.pdf.jpg202230-Jan-2023Frailty assessment tools predict perioperative outcome in elderly patients with endometrial cancer better than age or BMI alone : a retrospective observational cohort studyAnic, Katharina; Flohr, Friedrich; Schmidt, Mona Wanda; Krajnak, Slavomir; Schwab, Roxana; Schmidt, Marcus; Westphalen, Christiane; Eichelsbacher, Clemens; Ruckes, Christian; Brenner, Walburgis; Hasenburg, Annette; Battista, Marco Johannes
krajnak_s.-low-dose_metro-20210527011422443.pdf.jpg20204-Jun-2021Low-dose metronomic chemotherapy as an efficient treatment option in metastatic breast cancer : results of an exploratory case–control studyKrajnak, Slavomir; Schnatz, C.; Almstedt, Karin; Brenner, Walburgis; Haertner, F.; Heimes, Anne-Sophie; Lebrecht, Antje; Makris, G.-M.; Schwab, Roxana; Hasenburg, Annette; Schmidt, Marcus; Battista, Marco J.
phase_ii_study_of_metronomic_-20220812153128606.pdf.jpg202115-Aug-2022Phase II study of metronomic treatment with daily oral vinorelbine as first-line chemotherapy in patients with advanced/metastatic HR+/HER2− breast cancer resistant to endocrine therapy : VinoMetro—AGO-B-046Krajnak, Slavomir; Decker, Thomas; Schollenberger, Lukas; Rosé, Christian; Ruckes, Christian; Fehm, Tanja; Thomssen, Cristoph; Harbeck, Nadia; Schmidt, Marcus
the_preoperative_g8_geriatric-20221114155347250.pdf.jpg202230-Jan-2023The preoperative G8 geriatric screening tool independently predicts survival in older patients with endometrial cancer : results of a retrospective single-institution cohort studyAnic, Katharina; Altehoefer, Christin; Krajnak, Slavomir; Schmidt, Mona Wanda; Schwab, Roxana; Linz, Valerie Catherine; Schmidt, Marcus; Westphalen, Christiane; Hartmann, Erik Kristoffer; Hasenburg, Annette; Battista, Marco Johannes
role_of_integrins_in_the_meta-20220801120419305.pdf.jpg20224-Aug-2022Role of integrins in the metastatic spread of high-grade serous ovarian cancerKrajnak, Slavomir; Jäkel, Jörg; Anić, Katharina; Schwab, Roxana; Schmidt, Marcus; Hasenburg, Annette; Roth, Wilfried; Brenner, Walburgis; Battista, Marco Johannes