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neumann_svenja-controlling_sp-20210607154754094.pdf.jpg202122-Jun-2021Controlling spin-correlated radical pairs with donor-acceptor dyads : a new concept to generate reduced metal complexes for more efficient photocatalysisNeumann, Svenja; Wenger, Oliver S.; Kerzig, Christoph
202230-Nov-2022Raw data for "Blue-to-UVB upconversion, solvent sensitization and challenging bond activation enabled by a benzene-based annihilator"Zähringer, Till J. B.; Moghtader, Julian A.; Bertrams, Maria-Sophie; Roy, Bibhisan; Uji, Masanori; Yanai, Nobuhiro; Kerzig, Christoph
202319-Sep-2023Raw data for "Direct observation of triplet states in the isomerization of alkenylboronates by energy transfer catalysis"Zähringer, Till J. B.; Wienhold, Max; Gilmour, Ryan; Kerzig, Christoph
202325-Jul-2023Raw data for "Triplet quenching pathway control with molecular dyads enables the identification of a highly oxidizing annihilator class"Bertrams, Maria-Sophie; Hermainski, Katharina; Mörsdorf, Jean-Marc; Ballmann, Joachim; Kerzig, Christoph
vinylcyclopropane_[32]_cycloa-20230127114712265.pdf.jpg202227-Jan-2023Vinylcyclopropane [3+2] cycloaddition with acetylenic sulfones based on visible light photocatalysisLuque, Adriana; Groß, Jonathan; Zähringer, Till J. B.; Kerzig, Christoph; Opatz, Till
visiblelight_induced_fixation-20230605215506683.pdf.jpg20237-Jun-2023Visible-light induced fixation of SO2 into organic molecules with polypyridine chromium(III) complexesSittel, Steven; Sell, Arne Christian; Hofmann, Kamil; Wiedemann, Christina; Nau, Jan Philipp; Kerzig, Christoph; Manolikakes, Georg; Heinze, Katja