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autologous_blood_pleurodesis_-20221201101417754.pdf.jpg20211-Dec-2022Autologous blood pleurodesis for the treatment of postoperative air leaks : a systematic review and meta-analysisKarampinis, Ioannis; Galata, Christian; Arani, Alireza; Grilli, Maurizio; Hetjens, Svetlana; Schackcloth, Michael; Buderi, Silviu; Stamenovic, Davor; Roessner, Erich D.
hyperthermic_intrathoracic_ch-20230210110047772.pdf.jpg202210-Feb-2023Hyperthermic intrathoracic chemotherapy for the treatment of malignant pleural effusion caused by breast and ovarian cancer : a systematic literature review and pooled analysisKarampinis, Ioannis; Dionysopoulou, Anna; Galata, Christian; Almstedt, Katrin; Grilli, Maurizio; Hasenburg, Annette; Roessner, Erich D.
impact_of_secretionactive_ost-20220628120528999.pdf.jpg202213-Jan-2023Impact of secretion-active osteoblast-specific factor 2 in promoting progression and metastasis of head and neck cancerGül, Désirée; Schweitzer, Andrea; Khamis, Aya; Knauer, Shirley K.; Ding, Guo-Bin; Freudelsperger, Laura; Karampinis, Ioannis; Strieth, Sebastian; Hagemann, Jan; Stauber, Roland H.
prognostic_factors_for_longte-20230131123800435.pdf.jpg20223-Feb-2023Prognostic factors for long-term survival following complete resection by lobectomy in stage I non-small cell lung cancerGalata, Christian; Messerschmidt, Antje; Kostic, Marko; Karampinis, Ioannis; Roessner, Eric; El Beyrouti, Hazem; Schneider, Thomas; Stamenovic, Davor
risk_factors_for_surgical_com-20221201100515235.pdf.jpg20211-Dec-2022Risk factors for surgical complications after anatomic lung resections in the era of VATS and ERASGalata, Christian; Karampinis, Ioannis; Roessner, Erich D.; Stamenovic, Davor
uniportal_robotic_assisted_su-20231204124351666.pdf.jpg20234-Dec-2023Uniportal robotic assisted surgery for anatomical lung resection : first German experienceStamenovic, Davor; Schiller, Philipp; Karampinis, Ioannis; Galata, Christian; Roessner, Erich D.