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59431.pdf.jpg201927-Nov-2019Accuracy of a chatbot (Ada) in the diagnosis of mental disorders : comparative case study with lay and expert usersJungmann, Stefanie; Klan, Timo; Kuhn, Sebastian; Jungmann, Florian
commercial_ai_solutions_in_de-20220829141846580.pdf.jpg20221-Sep-2022Commercial AI solutions in detecting COVID-19 pneumonia in chest CT : not yet ready for clinical implementation?Jungmann, Florian; Müller, Lukas; Hahn, Felix; Weustenfeld, Maximilian; Dapper, Ann-Kathrin; Mähringer-Kunz, Aline; Graafen, Dirk; Düber, Christoph; Schafigh, Darius; Pinto dos Santos, Daniel; Mildenberger, Peter; Kloeckner, Roman
efficient_structured_reportin-20230816122535084.pdf.jpg202317-Aug-2023Efficient structured reporting in radiology using an intelligent dialogue system based on speech recognition and natural language processingJorg, Tobias; Kämpgen, Benedikt; Feiler, Dennis; Müller, Lukas; Düber, Christoph; Mildenberger, Peter; Jungmann, Florian
natural_language_processing_o-20220822143935166.pdf.jpg202223-Aug-2022Natural language processing of radiology reports to investigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the incidence and age distribution of fracturesJungmann, Florian; Kämpgen, Benedikt; Hahn, Felix; Wagner, Daniel; Mildenberger, Peter; Düber, Christoph; Kloeckner, Roman
quantitative_washout_in_patie-20230131155844289.pdf.jpg20222-Feb-2023Quantitative washout in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma undergoing TACE : an imaging biomarker for predicting prognosis?Müller, Lukas; Hahn, Felix; Jungmann, Florian; Mähringer-Kunz, Aline; Stoehr, Fabian; Halfmann, Moritz C.; Pinto dos Santos, Daniel; Hinrichs, Jan; Auer, Timo A.; Düber, Christoph; Kloeckner, Roman
hahn_felix-risk_stratific-20201015161959392.pdf.jpg202016-Oct-2020Risk stratification in advanced biliary tract cancer : validation of the A.L.A.N. scoreMüller, Lukas; Mähringer-Kunz, Aline; Jungmann, Florian; Tanyildizi, Yasemin; Bartsch, Fabian; Czauderna, Carolin; Düber, Christoph; Galle, Peter R.; Weinmann, Arndt; Kloeckner, Roman; Hahn, Felix
smartglass_augmented_realitya-20230124104352954.pdf.jpg202224-Jan-2023Smartglass augmented reality-assisted targeted prostate biopsy using cognitive point-of-care fusion technologySparwasser, Peter; Haack, Maximilian; Epple, Stefan; Frey, Lisa; Zeymer, Steffen; Dotzauer, Robert; Jungmann, Florian; Böhm, Katharina; Höfner, Thomas; Tsaur, Igor; Haferkamp, Axel; Borgmann, Hendrik
kloeckner_roman-survival_predi-20210416121106975.pdf.jpg20203-May-2021Survival prediction for patients with non-resectable intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma undergoing chemotherapy : a retrospective analysis comparing the tumor marker CA 19-9 with cross-sectional imagingHahn, Felix; Müller, Lukas; Jungmann, Florian; Mähringer‑Kunz, Aline; Tanyildizi, Yasemin; Düber, Christoph; Galle, Peter R.; Weinmann, Arndt; Kloeckner, Roman