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cerament_treatment_of_fractur-20220710210658678.pdf.jpg201411-Jul-2022CERAMENT treatment of fracture defects (CERTiFy) : protocol for a prospective, multicenter, randomized study investigating the use of CERament™ BONE VOID FILLER in tibial plateau fracturesNusselt, Thomas; Hofmann, Alexander; Wachtlin, Daniel; Gorbulev, Stanislav; Rommens, Pol Maria
58762.pdf.jpg20188-Jan-2019Evaluation of bone sialoprotein coating of three-dimensional printed calcium phosphate scaffolds in a calvarial defect model in miceBaranowski, Andreas; Klein, Anja; Ritz, Ulrike; Götz, Hermann; Mattyasovszky, Stefan; Rommens, Pol Maria; Hofmann, Alexander
rommens_pol_maria-focus_on_fragi-20210514094023415.pdf.jpg202126-May-2021Focus on fragility fractures of the pelvisRommens, Pol Maria; Hofmann, Alexander
rommens_pol_maria-open_reduction-20210420210633387.pdf.jpg20207-May-2021Open reduction and internal fixation of acetabular fractures in patients of old ageRommens, Pol Maria; Schwab, Roland; Handrich, Kristin; Arand, Charlotte; Wagner, Daniel; Hofmann, Alexander
operative_treatment_of_fragil-20220811090325221.pdf.jpg202211-Aug-2022Operative treatment of fragility fractures of the pelvis : a critical analysis of 140 patientsRommens, Pol Maria; Hofmann, Alexander; Kraemer, Sven; Kisilak, Miha; Boudissa, Mehdi; Wagner, Daniel
rommens_pol_maria-safety_and_eff-20211206105315971.pdf.jpg20216-Dec-2021Safety and efficacy of 2D-fluoroscopy-based iliosacral screw osteosynthesis : results of a retrospective monocentric studyRommens, Pol Maria; Nolte, Eva Mareike; Hopf, Johannes; Wagner, Daniel; Hofmann, Alexander; Hessmann, Martin
transsacral_bar_osteosynthesi-20220805120158788.pdf.jpg20215-Aug-2022Trans-sacral bar osteosynthesis provides low mortality and high mobility in patients with fragility fractures of the pelvisWagner, Daniel; Kisilak, Miha; Porcheron, Geoffrey; Krämer, Sven; Mehling, Isabella; Hofmann, Alexander; Rommens, Pol M.