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fieß_achim-association_of-20201218122116199.pdf.jpg202020-Jan-2021Association of birth weight with peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in adulthood : results from a population-based studyFieß, Achim; Nickels, Stefan; Urschitz, Michael S.; Münzel, Thomas; Wild, Philipp S.; Beutel, Manfred E.; Lackner, Karl J.; Hoffmann, Esther M.; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Schuster, Alexander K.
bleb_grading_by_photographs_v-20220602114302214.pdf.jpg20202-Jun-2022Bleb grading by photographs versus bleb grading by slit-lamp examinationHoffmann, Esther M.; Herzog, Daniel; Wasielica-Poslednik, Joanna; Butsch, Christina; Schuster, Alexander K.
childhood_glaucoma_registry_i-20230202104252672.pdf.jpg20223-Feb-2023Childhood glaucoma registry in Germany : initial database, clinical care and research (pilot study)Aghayeva, Fidan A.; Schuster, Alexander K.; Diel, Heidi; Chronopoulos, Panagiotis; Wagner, Felix M.; Grehn, Franz; Pirlich, Nina; Schweiger, Susann; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Hoffmann, Esther M.
comparison_of_subconjunctival-20220902160957549.pdf.jpg20226-Sep-2022Comparison of subconjunctival microinvasive glaucoma surgery and trabeculectomyWagner, Felix M.; Schuster, Alexander K.; Munder, Annika; Muehl, Marius; Chronopoulos, Panagiotis; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Hoffmann, Esther M.
deutschlandweite_befragung_de-20220829122811031.pdf.jpg202230-Aug-2022Deutschlandweite Befragung der Lehrbeauftragten in der Augenheilkunde zur studentischen Lehre in der Corona-Pandemie 2020/21Engel, Anna L.; Müller, Andreas; Spät, Helene; Kurz, Sandra; Hoffmann, Esther M.
development_and_evaluation_of-20231218114915169.pdf.jpg20238-Jan-2024Development and evaluation of a point-of-care ocular ultrasound curriculum for medical students : a proof-of-concept studyWeimer, Johannes Matthias; Rink, Maximilian; Vieth, Thomas; Lauff, Jonas; Weimer, Andreas; Müller, Lukas; Stäuber, Marie; Reder, Sebastian R.; Buggenhagen, Holger; Bellhäuser, Henrik; Kloeckner, Roman; Künzel, Julian; Hoffmann, Esther M.; Würde, Anna
do_biometric_parameters_impro-20230131160501481.pdf.jpg20222-Feb-2023Do biometric parameters improve the quality of optic nerve head measurements with spectral domain optical coherence tomography?Elksne, Eva; Stingl, Julia V.; Schuster, Alexander K.; Wagner, Felix M.; Hoffmann, Esther M.
diel_heidi-first_observat-20210913105624809.pdf.jpg202113-Sep-2021First observation of secondary childhood glaucoma in Coffin-Siris syndrome : a case report and literature reviewDiel, Heidi; Ding, Can; Grehn, Franz; Chronopoulos, Panagiotis; Bartsch, Oliver; Hoffmann, Esther M.
fluctuation_of_intraocular_pr-20220925172849983.pdf.jpg201719-Oct-2022Fluctuation of intraocular pressure in glaucoma patients before and after trabeculectomy with mitomycin CWasielica-Poslednik, Joanna; Schmeisser, Julian; Hoffmann, Esther M.; Weyer-Elberich, Veronika; Bell, Katharina; Lorenz, Katrin; Pfeiffer, Norbert
intereye_relationship_of_intr-20220805150152901.pdf.jpg20219-Aug-2022Inter-eye relationship of intraocular pressure change after unilateral trabeculectomy, filtering canaloplasty, or PreserFlo™ microshunt implantationAghayeva, Fidan A.; Chronopoulos, Panagiotis; Schuster, Alexander K.; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Hoffmann, Esther M.
intraocular_pressure_measurem-20230119094817431.pdf.jpg202219-Jan-2023Intraocular pressure measurement in childhood glaucoma under standardized general anaesthesia : the prospective EyeBIS studyStrzalkowska, Alicja; Pirlich, Nina; Stingl, Julia V.; Schuster, Alexander K.; Rezapour, Jasmin; Wager, Felix M.; Buse, Justus; Hoffmann, Esther M.
58755.pdf.jpg20198-Jan-2019Investigation of intraocular pressure fluctuation as a risk factor of glaucoma progressionMatlach, Juliane; Bender, Sandra; König, Jochem; Binder, Harald; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Hoffmann, Esther M.
results_of_childhood_glaucoma-20220902174705718.pdf.jpg202212-Sep-2022Results of childhood glaucoma surgery over a long-term periodHoffmann, Esther M.; Aghayeva, Fidan; Schuster, Alexander K.; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Karsten, Mona; Schweiger, Susann; Pirlich, Nina; Wagner, Felix M.; Chronopoulos, Panagiotis; Grehn, Franz
revision_of_encapsulated_bleb-20220714111857814.pdf.jpg201715-Jul-2022Revision of encapsulated blebs after trabeculectomy : long-term comparison of standard bleb needling and modified needling procedure combined with transconjunctival scleral flap suturesLaspas, Panagiotis; Culmann, P. D.; Grus, Franz-Hermann; Prokosch-Willing, Verena; Poplawksi, A.; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Hoffmann, Esther M.
short_and_longterm_agreement_-20220805101719262.pdf.jpg20215-Aug-2022Short- and long-term agreement and reproducibility of 48-hours intraocular pressure measurements in glaucoma patientsZimmermann, Marion; Giers, Bert C.; Beck, Anna; Bell, Katharina; Zimmermann, Herwig; Hechtner, Marlene; Hoffmann, Esther M.; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Lorenz, Katrin
standard_automated_perimetry_-20220925162442712.pdf.jpg201314-Oct-2022Standard automated perimetry versus matrix frequency doubling technology perimetry in subjects with ocular hypertension and healthy control subjectsLamparter, Julia; Shakhsanam, Aliyeva; Schulze, Andreas; Berres, Manfred; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Hoffmann, Esther M.
stingl_julia_v.-venous_stasis_-20210420121001535.pdf.jpg202023-Apr-2021Venous stasis retinopathy in a ten-year-old boy with ocular hypertension : a case reportStingl, Julia V.; Ponce Nunez, Laura; Schuster, Alexander K.; Hoffmann, Esther M.