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association_of_innate_and_acq-20220321094733682.pdf.jpg202121-Mar-2022Association of innate and acquired aerobic capacity with resilience in healthy adults : protocol for a randomized controlled trial of an 8-week web-based physical exercise interventionOchmann, David T.; Philippi, Keito F. A.; Zeier, Peter; Sandner, Magdalena; Hillen, Barlo; Neuberger, Elmo W. I.; Ruiz de Azua, Inigo; Lieb, Klaus; Wessa, Michèle; Lutz, Beat; Simon, Perikles; Brahmer, Alexandra
feasibility_and_implementatio-20220706105914733.pdf.jpg20216-Jul-2022Feasibility and implementation of a personalized, web-based exercise intervention for people with cystic fibrosis for 1 yearHillen, Barlo; Simon, Perikles; Schlotter, Sebastian; Nitsche, Oliver; Bähner, Viola; Poplawska, Krystyna; Pfirrmann, Daniel
neuberger_elmo-kinetics_and_t-20211112120608184.pdf.jpg202112-Nov-2021Kinetics and topology of DNA associated with circulating extracellular vesicles released during exerciseNeuberger, Elmo W. I.; Hillen, Barlo; Mayr, Katharina; Simon, Perikles; Krämer-Albers, Eva-Maria; Brahmer, Alexandra
resilience_and_stability_of_t-20230818120442616.pdf.jpg202325-Aug-2023Resilience and stability of the CF- intestinal and respiratory microbiome during nutritional and exercise interventionKnoll, Rebecca L.; Jarquín‑Díaz, Víctor Hugo; Klopp, Jonas; Kemper, Alissa; Hilbert, Katja; Hillen, Barlo; Pfirrmann, Daniel; Simon, Perikles; Bähner, Viola; Nitsche, Oliver; Gehring, Stephan; Markó, Lajos; Forslund, Sofia K.; Poplawska, Krystyna
59392.pdf.jpg20195-Nov-2019Use of a perioperative web-based exercise program for a patient with Barrett’s carcinoma scheduled for esophagectomyHillen, Barlo; Simon, Perikles; Grimminger, Peter P.; Gockel, Ines; Pfirrmann, Daniel