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effects_of_different_kinds_of-20220914004001358.pdf.jpg20175-Oct-2022Effects of different kinds of essentiality on sequence evolution of human testis proteinsSchumacher, Julia; Zischler, Hans; Herlyn, Holger
mauer_katharina-the_genome_tr-20200713101159740.pdf.jpg202013-Jul-2020The genome, transcriptome, and proteome of the fish parasite Pomphorhynchus laevis (Acanthocephala)Mauer, Katharina; Hellmann, Sören Lukas; Groth, Marco; Fröbius, Andreas C.; Zischler, Hans; Hankeln, Thomas; Herlyn, Holger
genomics_and_transcriptomics_-20220518121302514.pdf.jpg202118-May-2022Genomics and transcriptomics of epizoic Seisonidea (Rotifera, syn. Syndermata) reveal strain formation and gradual gene loss with growing ties to the hostMauer, Katharina M.; Schmidt, Hanno; Dittrich, Marco; Fröbius, Andreas C.; Hellmann, Sören Lukas; Zischler, Hans; Hankeln, Thomas; Herlyn, Holger
hostdependent_impairment__of_-20221025122817664.pdf.jpg202227-Oct-2022Host-dependent impairment of parasite development and reproduction in the acanthocephalan modelSchmidt, Hanno; Mauer, Katharina; Hankeln, Thomas; Herlyn, Holger
identification_of_antiparasit-20230127112543132.pdf.jpg20223-Feb-2023Identification of antiparasitic drug targets using a multi-omics workflow in the acanthocephalan modelSchmidt, Hanno; Mauer, Katharina; Glaser, Manuel; Sayyaf Dezfuli, Bahram; Hellmann, Sören Lukas; Silva Gomes, Ana Lúcia; Butter, Falk; Wade, Rebecca C.; Hankeln, Thomas; Herlyn, Holger
nuclear_genome_annotation_of_-20230818132030361.pdf.jpg202328-Aug-2023Nuclear genome annotation of wheel animals and thorny-headed worms : inferences about the last common ancestor of Syndermata (Rotifera s.l.)Hagemann, Laura; Mauer, Katharina M.; Hankeln, Thomas; Schmidt, Hanno; Herlyn, Holger
protein_speciation_is_likely_-20230206154158825.pdf.jpg20227-Feb-2023Protein speciation is likely to increase the chance of proteins to be determined in 2-DE/MSKwiatkowski, Marcel; Hotze, Madlen; Schumacher, Julia; Asif, Abdul R.; Miguel, Jose; Pittol, Ramos; Brenig, Bertram; Ramljak, Sanja; Zischler, Hans; Herlyn, Holger
testesspecific_hemoglobins_in-20220612162942177.pdf.jpg201214-Jun-2022Testes-specific hemoglobins in drosophila evolved by a combination of sub- and neofunctionalization after gene duplicationGleixner, Eva; Herlyn, Holger; Zimmerling, Stefan; Burmester, Thorsten; Hankeln, Thomas
transcriptome_data_reveal_syn-20220914002915238.pdf.jpg20145-Oct-2022Transcriptome data reveal syndermatan relationships and suggest the evolution of endoparasitism in acanthocephala via an epizoic stageWey-Fabrizius, Alexandra R.; Herlyn, Holger; Rieger, Benjamin; Rosenkranz, David; Witek, Alexander; Welch, David B. Mark; Ebersberger, Ingo; Hankeln, Thomas