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PreviewIssue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
59183.pdf.jpg201915-Aug-2019The anisotropy of personal spaceWelsch, Robin; Castell, Christoph von; Hecht, Heiko
55023.pdf.jpg201526-Oct-2016Beyond illusions : on the limitations of perceiving relational propertiesHecht, Heiko
body_image_avoidance_affects_-20220520115203260.pdf.jpg202020-May-2022Body image avoidance affects interpersonal distance perception : a virtual environment experimentWelsch, Robin; Hecht, Heiko; Kolar, David R.; Witthöft, Michael; Legenbauer, Tanja
58541.pdf.jpg20185-Nov-2018Bright paint makes interior-space surfaces appear farther awayCastell, Christoph von; Hecht, Heiko; Oberfeld-Twistel, Daniel
depression_does_not_affect_ti-20220710205032836.pdf.jpg201411-Jul-2022Depression does not affect time perception and time-to-contact estimationOberfeld-Twistel, Daniel; Thönes, Sven; Palayoor, Benyne Jos; Hecht, Heiko
the_effect_of_furnishing_on_p-20220914234527259.pdf.jpg20145-Oct-2022The effect of furnishing on perceived spatial dimensions and spaciousness of interior spaceCastell, Christoph von; Oberfeld-Twistel, Daniel; Hecht, Heiko
202111-Mar-2021The effect of observer-based and environment-based visual degradation on TTC estimationHecht, Heiko; Brendel, Esther; Wessels, Marlene; Bernhard, Christoph; Hecht, Heiko
emotionally_congruent_music_a-20230302111259374.pdf.jpg202330-Mar-2023Emotionally congruent music and text increase immersion and appraisalHauck, Pia; Hecht, Heiko
estimating_timetocontact_when-20220701104533987.pdf.jpg20211-Jul-2022Estimating time-to-contact when vision is impairedHecht, Heiko; Brendel, Esther; Wessels, Marlene; Bernhard, Christoph
how_facial_masks_alter_the_in-20221017174114569.pdf.jpg202219-Oct-2022How facial masks alter the interaction of gaze direction, head orientation, and emotion recognitionThomas, Lea; Castell, Christoph von; Hecht, Heiko
hecht_heiko-inverting_the_-20211122102815038.pdf.jpg202122-Nov-2021Inverting the Wollaston illusion : gaze direction attracts perceived head orientationHecht, Heiko; Wilhelm, Ariane; Castell, Christoph von
55151.pdf.jpg201511-Nov-2016Manifest illusions : a reply to Axel KohlerHecht, Heiko
59864.pdf.jpg20205-Jun-2020Sexual attraction modulates interpersonal distance and approach-avoidance movements towards virtual agents in malesWelsch, Robin; Castell, Christoph von; Rettenberger, Martin; Turner, Daniel; Hecht, Heiko; Fromberger, Peter
trialbytrial_feedback_fails_t-20230821143622446.pdf.jpg202328-Aug-2023Trial-by-trial feedback fails to improve the consideration of acceleration in visual time-to-collision estimationWessels, Marlene; Hecht, Heiko; Huisman, Thirsa; Oberfeld, Daniel
vestibular_stimulation_causes-20221102093521208.pdf.jpg20222-Nov-2022Vestibular stimulation causes contraction of subjective timeUtegaliyev, Nariman; Castell, Christoph von; Hecht, Heiko
hemmerich_wanja-visually_induc-20210107114658635.pdf.jpg20207-Jan-2021Visually induced motion sickness on the horizonHemmerich, Wanja; Keshavarz, Behrang; Hecht, Heiko