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association_of_delirium_incid-20230227092839224.pdf.jpg202219-Apr-2023Association of delirium incidence with visitation restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic in patients with acute Cerebrovascular disease in a Stroke-Unit setting :a retrospective cohort studyHahn, Marianne; Gröschel, Sonja; Gröschel, Klaus; Uphaus, Timo
gröschel_s.-automatic_holt-20210816113427751.pdf.jpg202016-Aug-2021Automatic Holter electrocardiogram analysis in ischaemic stroke patients to detect paroxysmal atrial fibrillation : ready to replace physicians?Gröschel, Sonja; Lange, Björn; Grond, Martin; Jauss, Jan Marek; Kirchhof, Paulus; Rostock, Thomas; Wachter, Rolf; Gröschel, Klaus; Uphaus, Timo
the_bigger_the_better?_center-20230216104730816.pdf.jpg202217-Feb-2023The bigger the better? : Center volume dependent effects on procedural and functional outcome in established endovascular stroke centersHahn, Marianne; Gröschel, Sonja; Tanyildizi, Yasemin; Brockmann, Marc A.; Gröschel, Klaus; Uphaus, Timo; German Stroke Registry-Endovascular Treatment (GSR-ET) Investigators
evaluation_of_coercive_measur-20220518120049291.pdf.jpg202118-May-2022Evaluation of coercive measures in different psychiatric hospitals : the impact of institutional characteristicsMann, Klaus; Gröschel, Sonja; Singer, Susanne; Breitmaier, Jörg; Claus, Sylvia; Fani, Markus; Rambach, Stephan; Salize, Hans-Joachim; Lieb, Klaus
strict_blood_pressure_control-20240126120900291.pdf.jpg202326-Jan-2024Strict blood pressure control following thrombectomy is associated with neuronal injury and poor functional outcomeHahn, Marianne; Hayani, Eyad; Bitar, Lynn; Gröschel, Sonja; Steffen, Falk; Protopapa, Maria; Othman, Ahmed; Bittner, Stefan; Zipp, Frauke; Gröschel, Klaus; Uphaus, Timo