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Issue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
20209-Feb-2021Chemometric and transcriptomic profiling, microtubule disruption and cell death induction by secalonic acid in tumor cellsÖzenver, Nadire; Dawood, Mona; Fleischer, Edmond; Klinger, Anette; Efferth, Thomas
201913-Jun-2019Collateral sensitivity of parthenolide via NF-κB and HIF-α inhibition and epigenetic changes in drug-resistant cancer cell linesDawood, Mona; Ooko, Edna; Efferth, Thomas
202110-May-2021Drug repurposing using transcriptome sequencing and virtual drug screening in a patient with glioblastomaSaeed, Mohamed E. M.; Kadioglu, Onat; Greten, Henry Johannes; Yildirim, Adem; Mayr, Katharina; Wenz, Frederik; Giordano, Frank; Efferth, Thomas
20209-Feb-2021Identification of novel rare ABCC1 transporter mutations in tumor biopsies of cancer patientsKadioglu, Onat; Saeed, Mohamed; Munder, Markus; Spuller, Andreas; Greten, Henry Johannes; Efferth, Thomas
201231-Jan-2013Shikonin directly targets mitochondria and causes mitochondrial dysfunction in cancer cellsWiench, Benjamin; Eichhorn, Tolga; Paulsen, Malte; Efferth, Thomas
202131-May-2021Shikonin reduces growth of docetaxel-resistant prostate cancer cells mainly through necroptosisMarkowitsch, Sascha D.; Juetter, Kira M.; Schupp, Patricia; Hauschulte, Kristine; Vakhrusheva, Olesya; Slade, Kimberly Sue; Thomas, Anita; Tsaur, Igor; Cinatl, Jindrich; Michaelis, Martin; Efferth, Thomas; Haferkamp, Axel; Juengel, Eva
202115-Nov-2021Xylochemical synthesis and biological evaluation of shancigusin C and bletistrin G ‡Geske, Leander; Kauhl, Ulrich; Saaed, Mohamed E. M.; Schüffler, Anja; Thines, Eckhard; Efferth, Thomas; Opatz, Till