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cyclic_pao2_oscillations_asse-20220710233731835.pdf.jpg201712-Jul-2022Cyclic PaO2 oscillations assessed in the renal microcirculation : correlation with tidal volume in a porcine model of lung lavageThomas, Rainer; Möllmann, Christian; Ziebart, Alexander; Liu, Tanghua; David, Matthias; Hartmann, Erik
determination_of_respiratory_-20220913235330677.pdf.jpg20144-Oct-2022Determination of respiratory gas flow by electrical impedance tomography in an animal model of mechanical ventilationBodenstein, Marc; Boehme, Stefan; Bierschock, Stephan; Vogt, Andreas; David, Matthias; Markstaller, Klaus
inhalation_therapy_with_the_s-20220925182351101.pdf.jpg201521-Oct-2022Inhalation therapy with the synthetic TIP-like peptide AP318 attenuates pulmonary inflammation in a porcine sepsis modelHartmann, Erik; Ziebart, Alexander; Thomas, Rainer; Liu, Tanghua; Schad, Arno; Tews, Martha; Moosmann, Bernd; Kamuf, Jens; Duenges, Bastian; Thal, Serge; David, Matthias
low_tidal_volume_pressure_sup-20220914004518876.pdf.jpg20145-Oct-2022Low tidal volume pressure support versus controlled ventilation in early experimental sepsis in pigsZiebart, Alexander; Hartmann, Erik; Thomas, Rainer; Liu, Tanghua; Duenges, Bastian; Schad, Arno; Bodenstein, Marc; Thal, Serge; David, Matthias
tip_peptide_inhalation_in_exp-20220612164311752.pdf.jpg201415-Jun-2022TIP peptide inhalation in experimental acute lung injury : effect of repetitive dosage and different synthetic variantsHartmann, Erik; Thomas, Rainer; Liu, Tanghua; Stefaniak, Joanna; Ziebart, Alexander; Duenges, Bastian; Eckle, Daniel; Markstaller, Klaus; David, Matthias
tip_peptide_inhalation_in_ole-20220714113111347.pdf.jpg20134-Aug-2022TIP peptide inhalation in oleic acid-induced experimental lung injury : a post-hoc comparisonHartmann, Erik; Bentley, Alexander; Duenges, Bastian; Klein, Klaus U.; Boehme, Stefan; Markstaller, Klaus; David, Matthias