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acute_effects_of_caffeine_sup-20221102140855586.pdf.jpg20227-Nov-2022Acute effects of caffeine supplementation on physical performance, physiological responses, perceived exertion, and technical-tactical skills in combat sports : a systematic review and meta-analysisDelleli, Slaheddine; Ouergui, Ibrahim; Messaoudi, Hamdi; Trabelsi, Khaled; Ammar, Achraf; Glenn, Jordan M.; Chtourou, Hamdi
the_impact_of_exercise_traini-20221220092934341.pdf.jpg202220-Dec-2022The impact of exercise training intensity on physiological adaptations and insulin resistance in women with abdominal obesityMezghani, Nourhen; Ammar, Achraf; Boukhris, Omar; Abid, Rihab; Hadadi, Atyh; Alzahrani, Turki Mohsen; Trabelsi, Omar; Boujelbane, Mohamed Ali; Masmoudi, Liwa; Ouergui, Ibrahim; Jamoussi, Kamel; Mnif, Mouna; Mejdoub, Hafedh; Zmijewski, Piotr; Glenn, Jordan M.; Trabelsi, Khaled; Chtourou, Hamdi
listening_to_music_and_playin-20221025105432575.pdf.jpg202225-Oct-2022Listening to music and playing activities during recreation between lessons regenerate children’s pognitive performance at different times of dayMezghani, Nourhen; Ammar, Achraf; Alzahrani, Turki Mohsen; Hadadi, Atyh; Abedelmalek, Salma; Trabelsi, Omar; ben Abdallah, Sabeh; H’mida, Cyrine; Boukhris, Omar; Masmoudi, Liwa; Trabelsi, Khaled; Chtourou, Hamdi
longer_nap_duration_during_ra-20221020093300529.pdf.jpg202225-Oct-2022Longer nap duration during Ramadan observance positively impacts 5-m shuttle run test performance performed in the afternoonBoukhris, Omar; Hill, David W.; Ammar, Achraf; Trabelsi, Khaled; Hsouna, Hsen; Abdessalem, Raouf; Mezghanni, Nourhen; Souissi, Nizhar; Bragazzi, Nicola Luigi; Chamari, Karim; Chtourou, Hamdi
preexercise_caffeine_intake_a-20230907144819286.pdf.jpg20237-Sep-2023Pre-exercise caffeine intake attenuates the negative effects of Ramadan fasting on several aspects of high-intensity short-term maximal performances in adolescent female handball playersBougrine, Houda; Nasser, Nidhal; Abdessalem, Raouf; Ammar, Achraf; Chtourou, Hamdi; Souissi, Nizar
ramadan_fasting_and_shortterm-20231010092823673.pdf.jpg202331-Oct-2023Ramadan fasting and short-term maximal physical performance : searching for optimal timing of the last meal “suhoor” in female pre-university handball playersBougrine, Houda; Salem, Atef; Nasser, Nidhal; Ammar, Achraf; Chtourou, Hamdi; Souissi, Nizar