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weitzel_maximilian-application_of-20210128130038627.pdf.jpg202028-Jan-2021Application of holography and automated image processing for laboratory experiments on mass and fall speed of small cloud ice crystalsWeitzel, Maximilian; Mitra, Subir K.; Szakáll, Miklós; Fugal, Jacob P.; Borrmann, Stephan
chemical_analysis_of_the_asia-20230222100934642.pdf.jpg202213-Apr-2023Chemical analysis of the Asian tropopause aerosol layer (ATAL) with emphasis on secondary aerosol particles using aircraft-based in situ aerosol mass spectrometryAppel, Oliver; Köllner, Franziska; Dragoneas, Antonis; Hünig, Andreas; Molleker, Sergej; Schlager, Hans; Maohnke, Christoph; Weigel, Ralf; Port, Max; Schulz, Christiane; Drewnick, Frank; Vogel, Bärbel; Stroh, Fred; Borrmann, Stephan
chemistry_of_riming___the_ret-20220925161418108.pdf.jpg201713-Oct-2022Chemistry of riming : the retention of organic and inorganic atmospheric trace constituentsJost, Alexander; Szakall, Miklos; Diehl, Karoline; Mitra, Subir K.; Borrmann, Stephan
design_characterization_and_f-20230223085637996.pdf.jpg202213-Apr-2023Design, characterization, and first field deployment of a novel aircraft-based aerosol mass spectrometer combining the laser ablation and flash vaporization techniquesHünig, Andreas; Appel, Oliver; Dragoneas, Antonis; Molleker, Sergej; Clemen, Hans-Christian; Helleis, Frank; Klimach, Thomas; Köllner, Franziska; Böttger, Thomas; Drewnick, Frank; Schneider, Johannes; Borrmann, Stephan
microphysical_and_thermodynam-20230703082201669.pdf.jpg20233-Jul-2023Microphysical and thermodynamic phase analyses of Arctic low-level clouds measured above the sea ice and the open ocean in spring and summerMoser, Manuel; Voigt, Christiane; Jurkat-Witschas, Tina; Hahn, Valerian; Mioche, Guillaume; Jourdan, Olivier; Dupuy, Régis; Gourbeyre, Christophe; Schwarzenboeck, Alfons; Lucke, Johannes; Boose, Yvonne; Mech, Mario; Borrmann, Stephan; Ehrlich, André; Herber, Andreas; Lüpkes, Christof; Wendisch, Manfred
the_realization_of_autonomous-20230223091412759.pdf.jpg202213-Apr-2023The realization of autonomous, aircraft-based, real-time aerosol mass spectrometry in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphereDragoneas, Antonis; Molleker, Sergej; Appel, Oliver; Hünig, Andreas; Böttger, Thomas; Hermann, Markus; Drewnick, Frank; Schneider, Johannes; Weigel, Ralf; Borrmann, Stephan
thermodynamic_correction_of_p-20220924204325466.pdf.jpg20167-Oct-2022Thermodynamic correction of particle concentrations measured by underwing probes on fast-flying aircraftWeigel, Ralf; Spichtinger, Peter; Mahnke, Christoph; Klingebiel, Marcus; Afchine, Armin; Petzold, Andreas; Krämer, Martina; Costa, Anja; Molleker, Sergej; Reutter, Philipp; Szakall, Miklos; Port, Max; Grulich, Lucas; Jurkat, Tina; Minikin, Andreas; Borrmann, Stephan
theis_alexander-a_wind_tunnel_-20201027103301974.pdf.jpg202027-Oct-2020A wind tunnel investigation into the aerodynamics of lobed hailstonesTheis, Alexander; Borrmann, Stephan; Mitra, Subir Kumar; Heymsfield, Andrew J.; Szakáll, Miklós