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59144.pdf.jpg201910-Jul-2019Broad lipidomic and transcriptional changes of prophylactic PEA administration in adult miceLerner, Raissa; Pascual Cuadrado, Diego; Post, Julia M.; Lutz, Beat; Bindila, Laura
ceramide_profiles_of_human_se-20220925173506510.pdf.jpg201221-Oct-2022Ceramide profiles of human serum gangliosides GM2 and GD1a exhibit cancer-associated alterationsKirsch, Stephan; Souady, Jamal; Mormann, Michael; Bindila, Laura; Peter-Katalinić, Jasna
fourdimensional_trapped_ion_m-20230816145224260.pdf.jpg202318-Aug-2023Four-dimensional trapped ion mobility spectrometry lipidomics for high throughput clinical profiling of human blood samplesLerner, Raissa; Baker, Dhanwin; Schwitter, Claudia; Neuhaus, Sarah; Hauptmann, Tony; Post, Julia M.; Kramer, Stefan; Bindila, Laura
impaired_2ag_signaling_in_hip-20220616160918345.pdf.jpg201620-Jun-2022Impaired 2-AG signaling in hippocampal glutamatergic neurons : aggravation of anxiety-like behavior and unaltered seizure susceptibilityGuggenhuber, Stephan; Romo-Parra, Hector; Bindila, Laura; Leschik, Julia; Lomazzo, Ermelinda; Remmers, Floortje; Zimmermann, Tina; Lerner, Raissa; Klugmann, Matthias; Pape, Hans-Christian; Lutz, Beat
lipid_and_protein_content_pro-20230110112307540.pdf.jpg202210-Jan-2023Lipid and protein content profiling of isolated native autophagic vesiclesSchmitt, Daniel; Bozkurt, Süleyman; Henning-Domres, Pascale; Huesmann, Heike; Eimer, Stefan; Bindila, Laura; Behrends, Christian; Boyle, Emily; Wilfling, Florian; Tascher, Georg; Münch, Christian; Behl, Christian; Kern, Andreas
longterm_molecular_difference-20220902155509218.pdf.jpg20226-Sep-2022Long-term molecular differences between resilient and susceptible mice after a single traumatic exposurePascual Cuadrado, Diego; Todorov, Hristo; Lerner, Raissa; Islami, Larglinda; Bindila, Laura; Gerber, Susanne; Lutz, Beat
targeting_sphingolipid_metabo-20231124084243801.pdf.jpg202324-Nov-2023Targeting sphingolipid metabolism with the sphingosine kinase inhibitor SKI-II overcomes hypoxia-induced chemotherapy resistance in glioblastoma cells: effects on cell death, self-renewal, and invasionSousa, Nadia; Geiß, Carsten; Bindila, Laura; Lieberwirth, Ingo; Kim, Ella; Régnier-Vigouroux, Anne