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decelerated_neurodegeneration-20220817163444959.pdf.jpg201719-Aug-2022Decelerated neurodegeneration after intravitreal injection of α-synuclein antibodies in a glaucoma animal modelTeister, Julia; Anders, F.; Beck, Sabine; Funke, S.; Pein, H. von; Prokosch-Willing, Verena; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Grus, Franz-Hermann
enhanced_insight_into_the_aut-20220710205225416.pdf.jpg201311-Jul-2022Enhanced insight into the autoimmune component of glaucoma : IgG autoantibody accumulation and pro-inflammatory conditions in human glaucomatous retinaGramlich, Oliver W.; Beck, Sabine; Thun und Hohenstein-Blaul, Nadine von; Boehm, Nils; Ziegler, Anika; Vetter, Jan M.; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Grus, Franz-Hermann
gammasynuclein_antibodies_hav-20220713085318052.pdf.jpg201414-Jul-2022gamma-Synuclein antibodies have neuroprotective potential on neuroretinal cells via proteins of the mitochondrial apoptosis pathwayWilding, Corina; Bell, Katharina; Beck, Sabine; Funke, Sebastian; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Grus, Franz-Hermann
gfap_antibodies_show_protecti-20220914233941934.pdf.jpg20155-Oct-2022GFAP antibodies show protective effect on oxidatively stressed neuroretinal cells via interaction with ERP57Wilding, Corina; Bell, Katharina; Funke, S.; Beck, Sabine; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Grus, Franz-Hermann
glaucoma_related_proteomic_al-20220714105734446.pdf.jpg201615-Jul-2022Glaucoma related proteomic alterations in human retina samplesFunke, Sebastian; Perumal, Natarajan; Beck, Sabine; Gabel-Scheurich, Silke; Schmelter, Carsten; Teister, Julia; Gerbig, Claudia; Gramlich, Oliver W.; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Grus, Franz-Hermann
immune_response_after_intermi-20220713085722307.pdf.jpg201615-Jul-2022Immune response after intermittent minimally invasive intraocular pressure elevations in an experimental animal model of glaucomaGramlich, Oliver W.; Teister, Julia; Neumann, Mareike; Tao, Xue; Beck, Sabine; Pein, Harald von; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Grus, Franz-Hermann
serum_autoantibodies_in_patie-20230525131110348.pdf.jpg202326-May-2023Serum autoantibodies in patients with dry and wet age-related macular degenerationKorb, Christina A.; Beck, Sabine; Wolters, Dominik; Lorenz, Katrin; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Grus, Franz H.