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altered_functional_connectivi-20220817172355514.pdf.jpg201419-Aug-2022Altered functional connectivity between emotional and cognitive resting state networks in euthymic bipolar I disorder patientsLois, Giannis; Linke, Julia; Wessa, Michèle
association_of_innate_and_acq-20220321094733682.pdf.jpg202121-Mar-2022Association of innate and acquired aerobic capacity with resilience in healthy adults : protocol for a randomized controlled trial of an 8-week web-based physical exercise interventionOchmann, David T.; Philippi, Keito F. A.; Zeier, Peter; Sandner, Magdalena; Hillen, Barlo; Neuberger, Elmo W. I.; Ruiz de Azua, Inigo; Lieb, Klaus; Wessa, Michèle; Lutz, Beat; Simon, Perikles; Brahmer, Alexandra
entwicklung_und_evaluation_ei-20220114080456156.pdf.jpg202214-Feb-2022Entwicklung und Evaluation einer Intervention zur Resilienzförderung bei KrankenpflegekräftenWessa, Michèle; Janzarik, Gesche Henrike
impact_of_covid19_lockdown_on-20220706115721913.pdf.jpg20216-Jul-2022Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on mental health in Germany : longitudinal observation of different mental health trajectories and protective factorsAhrens, Kira Florence; Neumann, Rebecca J.; Kollmann, Bianca; Brokelmann, J.; Werthern, Nina Margarete von; Malyshau, Aliaksandr; Weichert, D.; Lutz, B.; Fiebach, Christian J.; Wessa, Michèle; Kalisch, Raffael; Plichta, Michael M.; Lieb, Klaus; Tüscher, Oliver; Reif, Andreas
its_worth_the_trouble__stress-20221014162251718.pdf.jpg202225-Oct-2022It's worth the trouble: stressor exposure is related to increased cognitive reappraisal abilityZeier, Peter; Meine, Laura E.; Wessa, Michèle
chmitorz_andrea-longitudinal_d-20210826115848448.pdf.jpg202126-Aug-2021Longitudinal determination of resilience in humans to identify mechanisms of resilience to modern-life stressors : the longitudinal resilience assessment (LORA) studyChmitorz, Andrea; Neumann, Rebecca Johanna; Kollmann, Bianca; Ahrens, Kira Florence; Öhlschläger, S.; Goldbach, N.; Weichert, D.; Schick, Anita; Lutz, B.; Plichta, Michael M.; Fiebach, C. J.; Wessa, Michèle; Kalisch, Raffael; Tüscher, Oliver; Lieb, K.; Reif, Andreas
not_all_injuries_are_the_same-20231211143023124.pdf.jpg202315-Dec-2023Not all injuries are the same : different patterns in sports injuries and their psychosocial correlatesWerner, Tabea; Michel-Kröhler, Alena; Berti, Stefan; Wessa, Michèle
on_behalf_of_science_and_prac-20231213151557879.pdf.jpg20244-Jan-2024On behalf of science and practice – using psychotherapy research to address clinical practice concernsWitthöft, Michael; Jungmann, Stefanie M.; Wessa, Michèle; Mütze, Kaline
psychological_network_analysi-20220322105718112.pdf.jpg202124-Mar-2022Psychological network analysis of general self-efficacy in high vs. low resilient Functioning healthy adultsSchueler, Katja; Fritz, Jessica; Dorfschmidt, Lena; Harmelen, Anne-Laura van; Stroemer, Eike; Wessa, Michèle