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bayer_franziska-colonization_w-20211102131705502.pdf.jpg20215-Nov-2021Colonization with altered Schaedler flora impacts leukocyte adhesion in mesenteric ischemia-reperfusion injuryBayer, Franziska; Ascher, Stefanie; Kiouptsi, Klytaimnistra; Kittner, Jens M.; Stauber, Roland H.; Reinhardt, Christoph
exploiting_vitamin_d_receptor-20230525154215835.pdf.jpg202326-May-2023Exploiting vitamin D receptor and its ligands to target squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neckKoll, Laura; Gül, Désirée; Elnouaem, Manal I.; Raslan, Hanaa; Ramadan, Omneya R.; Knauer, Shirley K.; Strieth, Sebastian; Hagemann, Jan; Stauber, Roland H.; Khamis, Aya
impact_of_secretionactive_ost-20220628120528999.pdf.jpg202213-Jan-2023Impact of secretion-active osteoblast-specific factor 2 in promoting progression and metastasis of head and neck cancerGül, Désirée; Schweitzer, Andrea; Khamis, Aya; Knauer, Shirley K.; Ding, Guo-Bin; Freudelsperger, Laura; Karampinis, Ioannis; Strieth, Sebastian; Hagemann, Jan; Stauber, Roland H.
isomag—an_automated_system_fo-20220111133140626.pdf.jpg202114-Jan-2022IsoMAG: an automated system for the immunomagnetic isolation of squamous cell carcinoma-derived dirculating tumor dellsGribko, Alena; Stiefel, Janis; Liebetanz, Lana; Nagel, Sophie Madeleine; Künzel, Julian; Wandrey, Madita; Hagemann, Jan; Stauber, Roland H.; Freese, Christian; Gül, Désirée
profiling_cisplatin_resistanc-20220111132252563.pdf.jpg202114-Jan-2022Profiling cisplatin resistance in head and neck cancer : a critical role of the VRAC ion channel for chemoresistanceSiemer, Svenja; Fauth, Thorsten; Scholz, Paul; Al-Zamel, Yara; Khamis, Aya; Gül, Désirée; Freudelsperger, Laura; Wollenberg, Barbara; Becker, Sven; Stauber, Roland H.; Hagemann, Jan
the_vitamin_d_receptorbim_axi-20230124115941726.pdf.jpg202225-Jan-2023The vitamin D receptor–BIM axis overcomes cisplatin resistance in head and neck cancerKhamis, Aya; Gül, Désirée; Wandrey, Madita; Lu, Qiang; Knauer, Shirley K.; Reinhardt, Christoph; Strieth, Sebastian; Hagemann, Jan; Stauber, Roland H.