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accelerating_bioinformatics_a-20231022144007790.pdf.jpg202316-Nov-2023Accelerating bioinformatics applications on CUDA-enabled multi-GPU systemsSchmidt, Bertil; Hildebrandt, Andreas; Kobus, Robin
allfoodseq_afs___a_quantifiab-20220925144236499.pdf.jpg201413-Oct-2022All-Food-Seq (AFS) : a quantifiable screen for species in biological samples by deep DNA sequencingRipp, Fabian; Krombholz, Christopher Felix; Liu, Yongchao; Weber, Mathias; Schäfer, Anne; Schmidt, Bertil; Köppel, Rene; Hankeln, Thomas
care_20__reducing_falsepositi-20221020145914717.pdf.jpg202231-Oct-2022CARE 2.0 : reducing false-positive sequencing error corrections using machine learningKallenborn, Felix; Cascitti, Julian; Schmidt, Bertil
a_computational_method_for_st-20220925160254967.pdf.jpg201613-Oct-2022A computational method for studying the relation between alternative splicing and DNA methylationZheng, Zejun; Wei, Xiaona; Hildebrandt, Andreas; Schmidt, Bertil
cudasw_30___accelerating_smit-20220616161227871.pdf.jpg201320-Jun-2022CUDASW++ 3.0 : accelerating Smith-Waterman protein database search by coupling CPU and GPU SIMD instructionsLiu, Yongchao; Wirawan, Adrianto; Schmidt, Bertil
cushaw3___sensitive_and_accur-20220925163323120.pdf.jpg201414-Oct-2022CUSHAW3 : sensitive and accurate base-space and color-space short-read alignment with hybrid seedingLiu, Yongchao; Popp, Bernt; Schmidt, Bertil
hector___a_parallel_multistag-20220710211016032.pdf.jpg201411-Jul-2022HECTOR : a parallel multistage homopolymer spectrum based error corrector for 454 sequencing dataWirawan, Adrianto; Harris, Robert S.; Liu, Yongchao; Schmidt, Bertil; Schröder, Jan
localitysensitive_hashing_ena-20221129143959201.pdf.jpg202230-Nov-2022Locality-sensitive hashing enables efficient and scalable signal classification in high-throughput mass spectrometry raw dataBob, Konstantin; Teschner, David; Kemmer, Thomas; Gomez-Zepeda, David; Tenzer, Stefan; Schmidt, Bertil; Hildebrandt, Andreas
parallel_and_scalable_shortre-20220712210247913.pdf.jpg201614-Jul-2022Parallel and scalable short-read alignment on multi-core clusters using UPC++González-Domínguez, Jorge; Liu, Yongchao; Schmidt, Bertil