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can_element_chemical_impuriti-20221206083158695.pdf.jpg20233-Jan-2023Can element chemical impurities in aragonitic shells of marine bivalves serve as proxies for environmental variability?Schöne, Bernd R.; Marali, Soraya; Jantschke, Anne; Mertz-Kraus, Regina; Butler, Paul G.; Fröhlich, Lukas
deciphering_the_potential_of_-20220704101421271.pdf.jpg20225-Jul-2022Deciphering the potential of Ba/Ca, Mo/Ca and Li/Ca profiles in the bivalve shell Pecten maximus as proxies for the reconstruction of phytoplankton dynamicsFröhlich, Lukas; Siebert, Valentin; Huang, Qian; Thébault, Julien; Jochum, Klaus Peter; Schöne, Bernd R.
riechelmann_dana_f._c.-high-resolutio-20210803234920041.pdf.jpg20206-Aug-2021High-resolution proxy records from two simultaneously grown stalagmites from Zoolithencave (southeastern Germany) and their potential for palaeoclimate reconstructionRiechelmann, Dana F. C.; Riechelmann, Sylvia; Wassenburg, Jasper A.; Fohlmeister, Jens; Schöne, Bernd R.; Jochum, Klaus Peter; Richter, Detlev K.; Scholz, Denis
highresolution_reconstruction-20221026154515524.pdf.jpg202231-Oct-2022High-Resolution reconstruction of dissolved oxygen levels in the Baltic Sea with bivalves : a multi-species comparison (Arctica islandica, Astarte borealis, Astarte elliptica)Schöne, Bernd R.; Huang, Xizhi; Jantschke, Anne; Mertz-Kraus, Regina; Zettler, Michael L.
importance_of_weighting_highr-20220513113625229.pdf.jpg202217-May-2022Importance of weighting high-resolution proxy data from bivalve shells to avoid bias caused by sample spot geometry and variability in seasonal growth rateSchöne, Bernd R.; Marali, Soraya; Mertz-Kraus, Regina; Butler, Paul G.; Wanamaker, Alan D.; Fröhlich, Lukas
microstructural_mapping_of_ar-20230302104733431.pdf.jpg20212-Mar-2023Microstructural mapping of Arctica islandica shells reveals environmental and physiological controls on biomineral sizeHöche, Nils; Walliser, Eric O.; Schöne, Bernd R.
schöne_bernd_r.-ontogenetic_δ1-20211119095047783.pdf.jpg202124-Mar-2022Ontogenetic δ15N trends and multidecadal variability in shells of the bivalve mollusk, Arctica islandicaSchöne, Bernd R.; Huang, Qian
weber_michael-opposite_trend-20211102123502177.pdf.jpg20213-Nov-2021Opposite trends in Holocene speleothem proxy records from two neighboring caves in Germany : a multi-proxy evaluationWeber, Michael; Hinz, Yvonne; Schöne, Bernd R.; Jochum, Klaus Peter; Hoffmann, Dirk; Spötl, Christoph; Riechelmann, Dana F. C.; Scholz, Denis
shell_microstructures_disturb-20231205101826441.pdf.jpg20235-Dec-2023Shell microstructures (disturbance lines) of Arctica islandica (Bivalvia) : a potential proxy for severe oxygen depletionHöche, Nils; Zettler, Michael L.; Huang, Xizhi; Schöne, Bernd R.
srca_in_shells_of_laboratoryg-20231031094306113.pdf.jpg20237-Nov-2023Sr/Ca in shells of laboratory-grown bivalves (Arctica islandica) serves as a proxy for water temperature : implications for (paleo)environmental research?Brosset, Cornélia; Höche, Nils; Witbaard, Rob; Nishida, Kozue; Shirai, Kotaro; Mertz-Kraus, Regina; Schöne, Bernd R.
strong_coupling_between_biomi-20220419143841067.pdf.jpg202220-Apr-2022Strong coupling between biomineral morphology and Sr/Ca of Arctica islandica (Bivalvia) : implications for Shell Sr/Ca-based temperature estimatesBrosset, Cornélia; Höche, Nils; Shirai, Kotaro; Mertz-Kraus, Regina; Schöne, Bernd R.
uptake_of_barium_molybdenum_a-20231208104753937.pdf.jpg20238-Dec-2023Uptake of barium, molybdenum, and lithium and incorporation into scallop shells : refining proxies for primary production dynamicsFröhlich, Lukas; Siebert, Valentin; Huang, Qian; Thébault, Julien; Moriceau, Brivaëla; Jochum, Klaus Peter; Schöne, Bernd R.