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jubal_eduardo_rosales-acitretin_reve-20210917115402096.pdf.jpg202120-Sep-2021Acitretin reverses early functional network degradation in a mouse model of familial Alzheimer’s diseaseRosales Jubal, Eduardo; Schwalm, Miriam; Santos Guilherme, Malena dos; Schuck, Florian; Reinhardt, Sven; Tose, Amanda; Barger, Zeke; Roesler, Mona K.; Ruffini, Nicolas; Wierczeiko, Anna; Schmeisser, Michael J.; Schmitt, Ulrich; Endres, Kristina; Stroh, Albrecht
stoye_nicolai_m.-alzheimer's_di-20210705102703146.pdf.jpg20205-Jul-2021Alzheimer's disease in the gut : major changes in the gut of 5xFAD model mice with ApoA1 as potential key playerStoye, Nicolai M.; Santos Guilherme, Malena dos; Endres, Kristina
dos_santos_guilherme_malena-dietary_wheat_-20201216124158257.pdf.jpg202018-Dec-2020Dietary wheat amylase trypsin inhibitors impact Alzheimer’s disease pathology in 5xFAD model miceSantos Guilherme, Malena dos; Zevallos, Victor F.; Pesi, Aline; Stoye, Nicolai M.; Nguyen, Vu Thu Thuy; Radyushkin, Konstantin; Schwiertz, Andreas; Schmitt, Ulrich; Schuppan, Detlef; Endres, Kristina
guilherme_malena_dos_santos-impact_of_gut_-20210723153125506.pdf.jpg202130-Jul-2021Impact of gut microbiome manipulation in 5xFAD mice on Alzheimer’s disease-like pathologySantos Guilherme, Malena dos; Nguyen, Vu Thu Thuy; Reinhardt, Christoph; Endres, Kristina
nguyen_vu_thu_thuy-influence_of_a-20210514141847024.pdf.jpg202131-May-2021Influence of acetylcholine esterase inhibitors and memantine, clinically approved for Alzheimer’s dementia treatment, on intestinal properties of the mouseNguyen, Vu Thu Thuy; Sallbach, Jason; Santos Guilherme, Malena dos; Endres, Kristina
59524.pdf.jpg201927-Jan-2020The synthetic retinoid acitretin increases IL-6 in the central nervous system of Alzheimer disease model mice and human patientsSantos Guilherme, Malena dos; Stoye, Nicolai M.; Rose-John, Stefan; Garbers, Christoph; Fellgiebel, Andreas; Endres, Kristina