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Issue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
20188-Jan-2019Evaluation of bone sialoprotein coating of three-dimensional printed calcium phosphate scaffolds in a calvarial defect model in miceBaranowski, Andreas; Klein, Anja; Ritz, Ulrike; Götz, Hermann; Mattyasovszky, Stefan; Rommens, Pol Maria; Hofmann, Alexander
202126-May-2021Focus on fragility fractures of the pelvisRommens, Pol Maria; Hofmann, Alexander
202026-Oct-2020Nailing of diaphyseal ulna fractures in adults : biomechanical evaluation of a novel implant in comparison with locked platingHopf, Johannes Christof; Mehler, Dorothea; Nowak, Tobias Eckhard; Gruszka, Dominik; Wagner, Daniel; Rommens, Pol Maria
202026-Apr-2021Nailing vs. plating in comminuted proximal ulna fractures : a biomechanical analysisHopf, Johannes Christof; Nowak, Tobias Eckhard; Mehler, Dorothea; Arand, Charlotte; Gruszka, Dominik; Westphal, Ruben; Rommens, Pol Maria
201727-Feb-2018A new bone substitute developed from 3D-prints of polylactide (PLA) loaded with collagen I : an in vitro studyRitz, Ulrike; Gerke, Rebekka; Götz, Hermann; Stein, Stefan; Rommens, Pol Maria
20207-May-2021Open reduction and internal fixation of acetabular fractures in patients of old ageRommens, Pol Maria; Schwab, Roland; Handrich, Kristin; Arand, Charlotte; Wagner, Daniel; Hofmann, Alexander
202111-Oct-2021Surgical debridement of infected pubic symphysitis supports optimal outcomeDevlieger, Benjamin; Wagner, Daniel; Hopf, Johannes; Rommens, Pol Maria