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59890.pdf.jpg202029-Jun-2020Automated grading of cerebral vasospasm to standardize computed tomography angiography examinations after subarachnoid hemorrhageNeulen, Axel; Kunzelmann, Svenja; Kosterhon, Michael; Pantel, Tobias; Stein, Maximilian; Berres, Manfred; Ringel, Florian; Brockmann, Marc; Brockmann, Carolin; Kantelhardt, Sven Rainer
neulen_axel-comparison_of_-20210723163356235.pdf.jpg20212-Aug-2021Comparison of unruptured intracranial aneurysm treatment score and PHASES score in subarachnoid hemorrhage patients with multiple intracranial aneurysmsNeulen, Axel; Pantel, Tobias; König, Jochem; Brockmann, Marc A.; Ringel, Florian; Kantelhardt, Sven R.
neulen_axel-correlation_of-20210827121512226.pdf.jpg20218-Sep-2021Correlation of cardiac function and cerebral perfusion in a murine model of subarachnoid hemorrhageNeulen, Axel; Molitor, Michael; Kosterhon, Michael; Pantel, Tobias; Holzbach, Elisa; Rudi, Wolf-Stephan; Karbach, Susanne H.; Wenzel, Philip; Ringel, Florian; Thal, Serge C.
59404.pdf.jpg20198-Nov-2019Neutrophils mediate early cerebral cortical hypoperfusion in a murine model of subarachnoid haemorrhageNeulen, Axel; Pantel, Tobias; Kosterhon, Michael; Kramer, Andreas; Kunath, Sascha; Petermeyer, Maximilian; Moosmann, Bernd; Lotz, Johannes; Kantelhardt, Sven Rainer; Ringel, Florian; Thal, Serge
a_segmentationbased_volumetri-20220817164743951.pdf.jpg201719-Aug-2022A segmentation-based volumetric approach to localize and quantify cerebral vasospasm based on tomographic imaging dataNeulen, Axel; Pantel, Tobias; Kosterhon, Michael; Kirschner, Stefanie; Brockmann, Marc; Kantelhardt, Sven Rainer; Giese, Alf; Thal, Serge