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metaanalyses_in_paediatric_su-20220812154401281.pdf.jpg202116-Aug-2022Meta-analyses in paediatric surgery are often fragile : implications and consequencesSchröder, Arne; Muensterer, Oliver J.; Oetzmann von Sochaczewski, Christina
59153.pdf.jpg201911-Jul-2019Multiphoton microscopy in the diagnostic assessment of pediatric solid tissue in comparison to conventional histopathology : results of the first international online interobserver trialGödeke, Jan; Schreiber, Peter; Seidmann, Larissa; Li, Geling; Birkenstock, Jérôme; Simon, Frank; König, Jochem; Muensterer, Oliver J.
mol_adam-over_a_decade_-20210615102949311.pdf.jpg202115-Jun-2021Over a decade of single-center experience with thoracoscopic sympathicolysis for primary palmar hyperhidrosis : a case seriesMol, Adam; Muensterer, Oliver J.
59530.pdf.jpg201928-Jan-2020Sedentary behavior, exercise, and cancer developmentKönig, Tatjana Tamara; Muensterer, Oliver J.
59133.pdf.jpg20198-Jul-2019Special aspects in pediatric surgical inpatient care of refugee children : a comparative cohort studyFriedl, Nina K.; Muensterer, Oliver J.
telementoring_in_minimally_in-20220517104347956.pdf.jpg202220-Dec-2022Telementoring in minimally invasive esophageal atresia repair : results of a case-control study and lessons learned from the TIC-PEA study (Telemedical Interdisciplinary Care for Patients with Esophageal Atresia)König, Tatjana Tamara; Stefanescu, Maria-Christina; Gianicolo, Emilio; Holler, Anne-Sophie; Muensterer, Oliver J.
muensterer_oliver_j.-über_die_probl-20210614093235952.pdf.jpg202014-Jun-2021Über die Problematik der klinischen Entscheidungsfindung aufgrund von Fallbeschreibungen : ethische Implikationen am Beispiel eines Falls von Carmi SyndromMuensterer, Oliver J.; Paul, Norbert W.