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comparative_analysis_of_nucle-20220805121812382.pdf.jpg20215-Aug-2022Comparative analysis of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA from tissue and liquid biopsies of colorectal cancer patientsHaupts, Anna; Vogel, Anne; Foersch, Sebastian; Hartmann, Monika; Maderer, Annett; Wachter, Nicolas; Huber, Tobias; Kneist, Werner; Roth, Wilfried; Lang, Hauke; Moehler, Markus; Hartmann, Nils
establishing_pnbqpcr_for_quan-20220925142339407.pdf.jpg201712-Oct-2022Establishing PNB-qPCR for quantifying minimal ctDNA concentrations during tumour resectionEhlert, Tobias; Tug, Suzan; Brahmer, Alexandra; Neef, Vanessa; Heid, Florian; Werner, Christian; Jansen-Winkeln, Boris; Kneist, Werner; Lang, Hauke; Gockel, Ines; Simon, Perikles
paschold_markus-local_semi-au-20210611101201221.pdf.jpg202011-Jun-2021Local, semi-automatic, three-dimensional liver reconstruction or external provider? : An analysis of performance and time expensePaschold, Markus; Huettl, Florentine; Kneist, Werner; Boedecker, Christian; Poplawski, Alicia; Huber, Tobias; Lang, Hauke
huettl_f-rating_of_came-20210614101450677.pdf.jpg202014-Jun-2021Rating of camera navigation skills in colorectal surgeryHuettl, Florentine; Lang, Hauke; Paschold, Markus; Watzka, F.; Wachter, Nicolas; Hensel, Benjamin; Kneist, Werner; Huber, Tobias
surgical_therapy_of_primary_i-20220924203621399.pdf.jpg20156-Oct-2022Surgical therapy of primary intestinal lymphangiectasia in adultsHuber, Tobias; Paschold, Markus; Eckardt, Alexander J.; Lang, Hauke; Kneist, Werner
using_virtual_3dmodels_in_sur-20220805141318564.pdf.jpg20218-Aug-2022Using virtual 3D-models in surgical planning : workflow of an immersive virtual reality application in liver surgeryBoedecker, Christian; Huettl, Florentine; Saalfeld, Patrick; Paschold, Markus; Kneist, Werner; Baumgart, Janine; Preim, Bernhard; Hansen, Christian; Lang, Hauke; Huber, Tobias