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deciphering_the_potential_of_-20220704101421271.pdf.jpg20225-Jul-2022Deciphering the potential of Ba/Ca, Mo/Ca and Li/Ca profiles in the bivalve shell Pecten maximus as proxies for the reconstruction of phytoplankton dynamicsFröhlich, Lukas; Siebert, Valentin; Huang, Qian; Thébault, Julien; Jochum, Klaus Peter; Schöne, Bernd R.
riechelmann_dana_f._c.-high-resolutio-20210803234920041.pdf.jpg20206-Aug-2021High-resolution proxy records from two simultaneously grown stalagmites from Zoolithencave (southeastern Germany) and their potential for palaeoclimate reconstructionRiechelmann, Dana F. C.; Riechelmann, Sylvia; Wassenburg, Jasper A.; Fohlmeister, Jens; Schöne, Bernd R.; Jochum, Klaus Peter; Richter, Detlev K.; Scholz, Denis
nanosr__a_new_carbonate_micro-20220602094126344.pdf.jpg20202-Jun-2022NanoSr – a new carbonate microanalytical reference material for in situ strontium isotope analysisWeber, Michael; Lugli, Federico; Hattendorf, Bodo; Scholz, Denis; Mertz-Kraus, Regina; Guinoiseau, Damien; Jochum, Klaus Peter
weber_michael-opposite_trend-20211102123502177.pdf.jpg20213-Nov-2021Opposite trends in Holocene speleothem proxy records from two neighboring caves in Germany : a multi-proxy evaluationWeber, Michael; Hinz, Yvonne; Schöne, Bernd R.; Jochum, Klaus Peter; Hoffmann, Dirk; Spötl, Christoph; Riechelmann, Dana F. C.; Scholz, Denis
tütken_thomas-strontium_and_-20210201125941916.pdf.jpg20201-Feb-2021Strontium and oxygen isotope analyses reveal Late Cretaceous shark teeth in iron age strata in the Southern LevantTütken, Thomas; Weber, Michael; Zohar, Irit; Helmy, Hassan; Bourgon, Nicolas; Lernau, Omri; Jochum, Klaus Peter; Sisma-Ventura, Guy
uptake_of_barium_molybdenum_a-20231208104753937.pdf.jpg20238-Dec-2023Uptake of barium, molybdenum, and lithium and incorporation into scallop shells : refining proxies for primary production dynamicsFröhlich, Lukas; Siebert, Valentin; Huang, Qian; Thébault, Julien; Moriceau, Brivaëla; Jochum, Klaus Peter; Schöne, Bernd R.
western_mediterranean_climate-20220602100329003.pdf.jpg20192-Jun-2022Western Mediterranean climate response to Dansgaard/Oeschger events : new insights from speleothem recordsBudsky, Alexander; Wassenburg, Jasper A.; Mertz-Kraus, Regina; Spötl, Christoph; Jochum, Klaus Peter; Gibert, Luis; Scholz, Denis