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zimmer_felix-abstinence_fro-20210527010429551.pdf.jpg20204-Jun-2021Abstinence from masturbation and hypersexualityZimmer, Felix; Imhoff, Roland
imhoff_roland-assessment_of_-20210420115645855.pdf.jpg202017-May-2021Assessment of evidential value requires more than a single data pointImhoff, Roland
the_attentional_cost_of_compa-20221027135408167.pdf.jpg202231-Oct-2022The attentional cost of comparisons : evidence for a general comparison induced delayBarker, Paul; Dotsch, Ron; Imhoff, Roland
combined_anchoring__prosecuti-20221017155112153.pdf.jpg202114-Nov-2022Combined anchoring : prosecution and defense claims as sequential anchors in the courtroomImhoff, Roland; Nickolaus, Christoph
dont_trust_anybody___conspira-20230202092919798.pdf.jpg20222-Feb-2023Don't trust anybody : conspiracy mentality and the detection of facial trustworthiness cuesFrenken, Marius; Imhoff, Roland
einflussfaktoren_auf_die_sexu-20230518200754063.pdf.jpg202322-May-2023Einflussfaktoren auf die sexuelle Zufriedenheit von Frauen in fester PartnerschaftRettenberger, Martin; Imhoff, Roland; Döring, Nicola; Rausch, Diana
imhoff_roland-men’s_reasons_-20210416173848839.pdf.jpg202017-May-2021Men’s reasons to abstain from masturbation may not reflect the conviction of “reboot” websitesImhoff, Roland; Zimmer, Felix
on_the_relation_between_relig-20230202094625189.pdf.jpg20222-Feb-2023On the relation between religiosity and the eEndorsement of conspiracy theories : the role of political orientationFrenken, Marius; Bilewicz, Michał; Imhoff, Roland
prenatal_sex_role_stereotypes-20230424102652287.pdf.jpg20234-May-2023Prenatal sex role stereotypes : gendered expectations and perceptions of (expectant) parentsImhoff, Roland; Hoffmann, Lisa
rösch_d-schwachsinnig_-20210610121909410.pdf.jpg202111-Jun-2021Schwachsinnig und abartig? : Wahrgenommene Stigmatisierung und tatsächliche Etikettierungseffekte der alten und modernisierten Eingangsmerkmale in § 20 Strafgesetzbuch (StGB)Rösch, Dana; Ruckelshaußen, Sonja; Kirsch, J.; Gerhards, S.; Sroka, Linda Agathe; Imhoff, Roland
too_great_to_be_guilty?___ind-20230207091247546.pdf.jpg20227-Feb-2023Too great to be guilty? : Individuals high in collective narcissism demand closure regarding the past to attenuate collective guiltKazarovytska, Fiona; Imhoff, Roland
frenken_marius-a_uniform_cons-20211021120911051.pdf.jpg202126-Oct-2021A uniform conspiracy mindset or differentiated reactions to specific conspiracy beliefs? : Evidence from latent profile analysesFrenken, Marius; Imhoff, Roland
were_we_stressed_or_was_it_ju-20221017120814393.pdf.jpg202211-Nov-2022Were we stressed or was it just me – and does it even matter? : Efforts to disentangle individual and collective resilience within real and imagined stressorsMolenaar, Carin; Blessin, Manpreet; Erfurth, Luise M.; Imhoff, Roland