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58682.pdf.jpg201810-Dec-2018Advances in bromine speciation in volcanic plumesGutmann, Alexandra; Bobrowski, Nicole; Roberts, Tjarda Jane; Rüdiger, Julian; Hoffmann, Thorsten
weloe_marcel-application_of-20210128123244675.pdf.jpg202128-Jan-2021Application of time-of-flight aerosol mass spectrometry for the real-time measurement of particle-phase organic peroxides: an online redox derivatization–aerosol mass spectrometer (ORD-AMS)Weloe, Marcel; Hoffmann, Thorsten
chemical_composition_of_volca-20220419092202608.pdf.jpg202227-Apr-2022Chemical composition of volcanic plumes: Application of ground-based in-situ and remote-sensing measurements for the determination of C. S and halogens species and analytical progress to determine molecular halogens in volcanic plumesHoffmann, Thorsten; Gutiérrez, Xochilt Carolina Gutiérrez
development_of_a_method_for_a-20221014152819623.pdf.jpg202224-Oct-2022Development of a method for anodic degradation of lignin for the analysis of paleo-vegetation proxies in speleothemsHomann, Julia; Zirbes, Michael; Arndt-Engelbart, Meiko; Scholz, Denis; Waldvogel, Siegfried R.; Hoffmann, Thorsten
emission_of_iodine_containing-20220925173112995.pdf.jpg201419-Oct-2022Emission of iodine containing volatiles by selected microalgae speciesThorenz, Ute R.; Carpenter, L. J.; Huang, Ru-Jin; Kundel, Michael; Bosle, Janine; Hoffmann, Thorsten
first_measurements_of_reactiv-20220913210922206.pdf.jpg20124-Oct-2022First measurements of reactive α-dicarbonyl concentrations on PM<sub>2.5</sub> aerosol over the Boreal forest in Finland during HUMPPA-COPEC 2010 - source apportionment and links to aerosol agingKampf, Christopher Johannes; Corrigan, Ashley L.; Johnson, A. M.; Song, W.; Keronen, P.; Königstedt, Rainer; Williams, Jonathan; Russell, L. M.; Petäjä, T.; Fischer, H.; Hoffmann, Thorsten
formation_of_3methyl123butane-20220913234947300.pdf.jpg20124-Oct-2022Formation of 3-methyl-1,2,3-butanetricarboxylic acid via gas phase oxidation of pinonic acid : a mass spectrometric study of SOA agingMüller, Lars; Reinnig, Marc-Christopher; Naumann, K. H.; Saathoff, H.; Mentel, T. F.; Donahue, N. M.; Hoffmann, Thorsten
geochemical_characterization_-20230606171534298.pdf.jpg20236-Jun-2023Geochemical characterization of volcanic gas emissions at Santa Ana and San Miguel volcanoes, El Salvador, using remote-sensing and in situ measurementsGutiérrez, Xochilt; Bobrowski, Nicole; Rüdiger, Julian; Liotta, Marcello; Geil, Bastien; Hoffmann, Thorsten; Gutiérrez, Eduardo; Dinger, Florian; Montalvo, Francisco; Villalobos, Mirian; Escobar, Demetrio
rüdiger_julian-copernicus__ha-20211203113806666.pdf.jpg20217-Dec-2021Halogen activation in the plume of Masaya volcano : field observations and box model investigationsRüdiger, Julian; Gutmann, Alexandra; Bobrowski, Nicole; Liotta, Marcello; Moor, J. Maarten de; Sander, Rolf; Dinger, Florian; Tirpitz, Jan-Lukas; Ibarra, Martha; Saballos, Armando; Martínez, María; Mendoza, Elvis; Ferrufino, Arnoldo; Stix, John; Valdés, Juan; Castro, Jonathan; Hoffmann, Thorsten
historic_records_of_organic_c-20220925143309238.pdf.jpg201612-Oct-2022Historic records of organic compounds from a high Alpine glacier : influences of biomass burning, anthropogenic emissions, and dust TransportMüller-Tautges, Christina; Eichler, Anja; Schwikowski, Margit; Pezzatti, Gianni Boris; Conedera, Marco; Hoffmann, Thorsten
identification_and_characteri-20220712204503235.pdf.jpg201213-Jul-2022Identification and characterization of aging products in the glyoxal/ammonium sulfate system : implications for light-absorbing material in atmospheric aerosolsKampf, Christopher Johannes; Jakob, Ronit; Hoffmann, Thorsten
58550.pdf.jpg20187-Nov-2018Implementation of electrochemical, optical and denuder-based sensors and sampling techniques on UAV for volcanic gas measurements : examples from Masaya, Turrialba and Stromboli volcanoesRüdiger, Julian; Tirpitz, Jan-Lukas; Moor, J. Maarten de; Bobrowski, Nicole; Gutmann, Alexandra; Liuzzo, Marco; Ibarra, Martha; Hoffmann, Thorsten
59556.pdf.jpg201918-Feb-2020Lignin oxidation products as a potential proxy for vegetation and environmental changes in speleothems and cave drip water : a first record from the Herbstlabyrinth, central GermanyHeidke, Inken; Scholz, Denis; Hoffmann, Thorsten
heidke_inken-copernicus__li-20211203112720291.pdf.jpg20217-Dec-2021Lignin oxidation products in soil, dripwater and speleothems from four different sites in New ZealandHeidke, Inken; Hartland, Adam; Scholz, Denis; Pearson, Andrew; Hellstrom, John; Breitenbach, Sebastian F. M.; Hoffmann, Thorsten
the_maximum_carbonyl_ratio_mc-20221114102112639.pdf.jpg202114-Nov-2022The maximum carbonyl ratio (MCR) as a new index for the structural classification of secondary organic aerosol componentsZhang, Yun; Wang, Kai; Tong, Haijie; Huang, Ru-Jin; Hoffmann, Thorsten
observing_volcanoes_with_dron-20230222094535492.pdf.jpg202212-Apr-2023Observing volcanoes with drones: studies of volcanic plume chemistry with ultralight sensor systemsKarbach, Niklas; Bobrowski, Nicole; Hoffmann, Thorsten
past_fire_dynamics_inferred_f-20230808144256830.pdf.jpg20238-Aug-2023Past fire dynamics inferred from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and monosaccharide anhydrides in a stalagmite from the archaeological site of Mayapan, MexicoHomann, Julia; Karbach, Niklas; Carolin, Stacy A.; James, Daniel H.; Hodell, David; Breitenbach, Sebastian F. M.; Kwiecien, Ola; Brenner, Mark; Lope, Carlos Peraza; Hoffmann, Thorsten
58551.pdf.jpg20187-Nov-2018Quantification of lignin oxidation products as vegetation biomarkers in speleothems and cave drip waterHeidke, Inken; Scholz, Denis; Hoffmann, Thorsten
varying_chiral_ratio_of_pinic-20230316104031045.pdf.jpg202319-Apr-2023Varying chiral ratio of pinic acid enantiomers above the Amazon rainforestLeppla, Denis; Zannoni, Nora; Kremper, Leslie; Williams, Jonathan; Pöhlker, Christoph; Sá, Marta; Solci, Maria Christina; Hoffmann, Thorsten