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Issue dateOnline publication dateTitleAuthor(s)
20202-Jun-2021Birth experience from the perspective of the fathersVischer, Lena C.; Heun, Xenia; Steetskamp, Joscha; Hasenburg, Annette; Skala, Christine
202011-May-2021EndoPredict® in early hormone receptor-positive, HER2-negative breast cancerAlmstedt, Katrin; Mendoza, S.; Otto, M.; Battista, M. J.; Steetskamp, Joscha; Heimes, A. S.; Krajnak, S.; Poplawski, A.; Gerhold-Ay, A.; Hasenburg, Annette; Denkert, Carsten; Schmidt, Marcus
202129-Jun-2021Full-thickness tissue engineered oral mucosa for genitourinary reconstruction : a comparison of different collagen-based biodegradable membranesSchwab, Roxana; Heller, Martin; Pfeifer, Céline; Unger, Ronald E.; Walenta, Stefan; Nezi-Cahn, Sandra; Al-Nawas, Bilal; Hasenburg, Annette; Brenner, Walburgis
202110-May-2021Genetic findings in miscarriages and their relation to the number of previous miscarriagesGomez, Ruth; Hafezi, N.; Amrani, M.; Schweiger, Susann; Dewenter, Malin K.; Thomas, Petra; Lieb, C.; Hasenburg, Annette; Skala, Christine
20186-Aug-2018In renal cell carcinoma the PTEN splice variant PTEN-Δ shows similar function as the tumor suppressor PTEN itselfBreuksch, Ines; Welter, Jonas; Bauer, Heide-Katharina; Enklaar, Thorsten; Frees, Sebastian; Thüroff, Joachim W.; Hasenburg, Annette; Prawitt, Dirk; Brenner, Walburgis
20204-Jun-2021Low-dose metronomic chemotherapy as an efficient treatment option in metastatic breast cancer : results of an exploratory case–control studyKrajnak, Slavomir; Schnatz, C.; Almstedt, Karin; Brenner, Walburgis; Haertner, F.; Heimes, Anne-Sophie; Lebrecht, Antje; Makris, G.-M.; Schwab, Roxana; Hasenburg, Annette; Schmidt, Marcus; Battista, Marco J.