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menzel_florian-dinner_with_th-20210607150523786.pdf.jpg202122-Jun-2021Dinner with the roommates : trophic niche differentiation and competition in a mutualistic ant-ant associationSprenger, Philipp P.; Müsse, Christian; Hartke, Juliane; Feldmeyer, Barbara; Schmitt, Thomas; Gebauer, Gerhard; Menzel, Florian
genomic_basis_of_ecological_n-20220925155415616.pdf.jpg201313-Oct-2022Genomic basis of ecological niche divergence among cryptic sister species of non-biting midgesSchmidt, Hanno; Greshake, Bastian; Feldmeyer, Barbara; Hankeln, Thomas; Pfenninger, Markus
histone_acetylation_regulates-20220622095333319.pdf.jpg202122-Jun-2022Histone acetylation regulates the expression of genes involved in worker reproduction in the ant Temnothorax rugatulusChoppin, Marina; Feldmeyer, Barbara; Foitzik, Susanne
59127.pdf.jpg20198-Jul-2019Long-lived Temnothorax ant queens switch from investment in immunity to antioxidant production with ageNegroni, Matteo; Foitzik, Susanne; Feldmeyer, Barbara
stoldt_marah-parasite_prese-20211109120759310.pdf.jpg20219-Nov-2021Parasite presence induces gene expression changes in an ant host related to immunity and longevityStoldt, Marah; Klein, Linda; Beros, Sara; Butter, Falk; Jongepier, Evelien; Feldmeyer, Barbara; Foitzik, Susanne
proteinrich_diet_decreases_su-20230112135323057.pdf.jpg202329-Mar-2023Protein-rich diet decreases survival, but does not alter reproduction, in fertile ant workersChoppin, Marina; Schall, Miriam; Feldmeyer, Barbara; Foitzik, Susanne
speciesspecific_genes_under_s-20220924202900142.pdf.jpg20176-Oct-2022Species-specific genes under selection characterize the co-evolution of slavemaker and host lifestylesFeldmeyer, Barbara; Elsner, D.; Alleman, Austin; Foitzik, Susanne