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local_radon_flux_maxima_in_th-20220624123158511.pdf.jpg202127-Jun-2022Local radon flux maxima in the quaternary sediments of Schleswig–Holstein (Germany)Albert, Johannes; Schärf, Maximilian; Enzmann, Frieder; Waltl, Martin; Sirocko, Frank
54508.pdf.jpg20162-Aug-2016Multi-phase classification by a least-squares support vector machine approach in tomography images of geological samplesKhan, Faisal; Enzmann, Frieder; Kersten, Michael
on_the_path_to_the_digital_ro-20220616160537863.pdf.jpg201620-Jun-2022On the path to the digital rock physics of gas hydrate-bearing sediments : processing of in situ synchrotron-tomography dataSell, Kathleen; Saenger, Erik H.; Falenty, Andrzej; Chaouachi, Marwen; Haberthür, David; Enzmann, Frieder; Kuhs, Werner F.; Kersten, Michael
54505.pdf.jpg20162-Aug-2016Porosity and permeability determination of organic-rich Posidonia shales based on 3-D analyses by FIB-SEM microscopyGrathoff, Georg H.; Peltz, Markus; Enzmann, Frieder; Kaufhold, Stephan
jacob_arne-copernicus__si-20211203113504244.pdf.jpg20217-Dec-2021Simulating permeability reduction by clay mineral nanopores in a tight sandstone by combining computer X-ray microtomography and focussed ion beam scanning electron microscopy imagingJacob, Arne; Peltz, Markus; Hale, Sina; Enzmann, Frieder; Moravcova, Olga; Warr, Laurence N.; Grathoff, Georg; Blum, Philipp; Kersten, Michael
54506.pdf.jpg20162-Aug-2016Simulating stress-dependent fluid flow in a fractured core sample using real-time X-ray CT dataKling, Tobias; Huo, Da; Schwarz, Jens-Oliver; Enzmann, Frieder; Benson, Sally; Blum, Philipp
54507.pdf.jpg20162-Aug-2016X-ray CT analyses, models and numerical simulations : a comparison with petrophysical analyses in an experimental CO2 studyHenkel, Steven; Pudlo, Dieter; Enzmann, Frieder; Reitenbach, Viktor; Albrecht, Daniel; Ganzer, Leonhard; Gaupp, Reinhard