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a_novel_bloodbrain_barrier_co-20220924204530824.pdf.jpg201410-Oct-2022A novel blood-brain barrier co-culture System for drug targeting of Alzheimer’s disease : establishment by using acitretin as a model drugFreese, Christian; Reinhardt, Sven; Hefner, Gudrun; Unger, Ronald E.; Kirkpatrick, Charles James; Endres, Kristina
781.pdf.jpg200528-Jun-2005Proteolyse des Amyloid-Vorläufer-Protein-verwandten APLP2 durch alpha-SekretasenEndres, Kristina
psychobiological_evaluation_o-20230119102645240.pdf.jpg202220-Jan-2023Psychobiological evaluation of day clinic treatment for people living with dementia : feasibility and pilot analysesWuttke-Linnemann, Alexandra; Palm, Svenja; Geschke, Katharina; Skoluda, Nadine; Bischoff, Theresa; Nater, Urs M.; Endres, Kristina; Fellgiebel, Andreas
resilience_and_the_gut_microb-20230112111822418.pdf.jpg202213-Jan-2023Resilience and the gut microbiome : insights from Chronically socially stressed wild-type miceGuilherme, Malena dos Santos; Valeri, Francesco; Winter, Jennifer; Müller, Marianne B.; Schwiertz, Andreas; Endres, Kristina
59524.pdf.jpg201927-Jan-2020The synthetic retinoid acitretin increases IL-6 in the central nervous system of Alzheimer disease model mice and human patientsSantos Guilherme, Malena dos; Stoye, Nicolai M.; Rose-John, Stefan; Garbers, Christoph; Fellgiebel, Andreas; Endres, Kristina
transnasal_delivery_of_human_-20220612155423483.pdf.jpg201614-Jun-2022Transnasal delivery of human A-beta peptides elicits impaired learning and memory performance in wild type miceEndres, Kristina; Reinhardt, Sven; Geladaris, Anastasia; Knies, Julia; Grimm, Marcus; Hartmann, Tobias; Schmitt, Ulrich
wierczeiko_anna-voluntary_whee-20211115104051151.pdf.jpg202115-Nov-2021Voluntary wheel running did not alter gene expression in 5xfad mice, but in wild-type animals exclusively after one-day of physical activityWierczeiko, Anna; Gammel, Lena; Radyushkin, Konstantin; Nguyen, Vu Thu Thuy; Todorov, Hristo; Gerber, Susanne; Endres, Kristina
reinhardt_christoph-α-linolenic_ac-20200820164623186.pdf.jpg202027-Aug-2020α-linolenic acid-rich diet influences microbiota composition and villus morphology of the mouse small intestineTodorov, Hristo; Kollar, Bettina; Bayer, Franziska; Brandão, Inês; Mann, Amrit; Mohr, Julia; Pontarollo, Giulia; Formes, Henning; Stauber, Roland; Kitter, Jens M.; Endres, Kristina; Watzer, Bernhard; Nockher, Wolfgang Andreas; Sommer, Felix; Gerber, Susanne; Reinhardt, Christoph