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network_pharmacology_of_tript-20220729131545075.pdf.jpg20213-Aug-2022Network pharmacology of triptolide in cancer cells : implications for transcription factor bindingSeo, Ean-Jeong; Dawood, Mona; Hult, Annika K.; Olsson, Martin L.; Efferth, Thomas
a_novel_ligand_of_the_transla-20220701124103992.pdf.jpg20214-Jul-2022A novel ligand of the translationally controlled tumor protein (TCTP) identified by virtual drug screening for cancer differentiation therapyFischer, Nicolas; Seo, Ean-Jeong; Abdelfatah, Sara; Fleischer, Edmond; Klinger, Anette; Efferth, Thomas
prediction_of_cancer_drug_res-20220913190849926.pdf.jpg201514-Sep-2022Prediction of cancer drug resistance and implications for personalized medicineVolm, Manfred; Efferth, Thomas
pyrrolizidine_alkaloids_cause-20220701131337232.pdf.jpg20224-Jul-2022Pyrrolizidine alkaloids cause cell cycle and DNA damage repair defects as analyzed by transcriptomics in cytochrome P450 3A4-overexpressing HepG2 clone 9 cellsAbdelfatah, Sara; Naß, Janine; Knorz, Caroline; Klauck, Sabine M.; Küpper, Jan-Heiner; Efferth, Thomas
selection_of_safe_artemisinin-20220624130755185.pdf.jpg202127-Jun-2022Selection of safe artemisinin derivatives using a machine learning-based cardiotoxicity platform and in vitro and in vivo validationKadioglu, Onat; Klauck, Sabine M.; Fleischer, Edmond; Shan, Letian; Efferth, Thomas
3261.pdf.jpg201231-Jan-2013Shikonin directly targets mitochondria and causes mitochondrial dysfunction in cancer cellsWiench, Benjamin; Eichhorn, Tolga; Paulsen, Malte; Efferth, Thomas
shikonin_inhibits_cell_growth-20220517120048851.pdf.jpg202220-Dec-2022Shikonin inhibits cell growth of sunitinib-resistant renal cell carcinoma by activating the necrosome complex and inhibiting the AKT/mTOR signaling pathwayMarkowitsch, Sascha D.; Vakhrusheva, Olesya; Schupp, Patricia; Akele, Yasminn; Kitanovic, Jovana; Slade, Kimberly S.; Efferth, Thomas; Thomas, Anita; Tsaur, Igor; Mager, René; Haferkamp, Axel; Jüngel, Eva
markowitsch_sascha_d.-shikonin_reduc-20210514144150228.pdf.jpg202131-May-2021Shikonin reduces growth of docetaxel-resistant prostate cancer cells mainly through necroptosisMarkowitsch, Sascha D.; Juetter, Kira M.; Schupp, Patricia; Hauschulte, Kristine; Vakhrusheva, Olesya; Slade, Kimberly Sue; Thomas, Anita; Tsaur, Igor; Cinatl, Jindrich; Michaelis, Martin; Efferth, Thomas; Haferkamp, Axel; Juengel, Eva
synergistic_inhibition_of_ang-20221005103458805.pdf.jpg20135-Oct-2022Synergistic inhibition of angiogenesis by artesunate and captopril in vitro and in vivoKrusche, Benjamin; Arend, Joachim; Efferth, Thomas
targeting_angiogenesis_by_phy-20220715121718964.pdf.jpg201315-Jul-2022Targeting angiogenesis by phytochemicalsKadioglu, Onat; Seo, Ean Jeong; Efferth, Thomas
geske_leander-xylochemical_s-20211115110748732.pdf.jpg202115-Nov-2021Xylochemical synthesis and biological evaluation of shancigusin C and bletistrin G ‡Geske, Leander; Kauhl, Ulrich; Saaed, Mohamed E. M.; Schüffler, Anja; Thines, Eckhard; Efferth, Thomas; Opatz, Till