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feasibility_of_a_complex_opti-20230126101117345.pdf.jpg20222-Feb-2023Feasibility of a complex optimized process for the treatment of patients receiving hip and knee endoprostheses in most different settings in Germany : results from the PROMISE TrialBetz, Ulrich; Langanki, Laura; Heid, Florian; Schollenberger, Lukas; Kronfeld, Kai; Büttner, Matthias; Büchler, Britta; Eckhard, Lukas; Klonschinski, Thomas; Drees, Philipp
betz_martin-a_“foot-school-20210923171307441.pdf.jpg202114-Dec-2021A “Foot-school” for prevention and treatment of foot dysfunctions : what do participants think about?Betz, Martin; Konradi, Jürgen; Betz, Ulrich; Drees, Philipp
incidence_of_calcaneal_apophy-20230202103713868.pdf.jpg20223-Feb-2023Incidence of calcaneal apophysitis (Sever’s disease) and return-to-play in adolescent athletes of a German youth soccer academy : a retrospective study of 10 yearsBelikan, Patrick; Färber, Lars-Christopher; Abel, Frédéric; Nowak, Tobias E.; Drees, Philipp; Mattyasovszky, Stefan G.
the_indicate_knee_expectation-20221117161827667.pdf.jpg202230-Jan-2023The INDICATE Knee expectations survey detects general patient treatment goals for total knee arthroplasty and the influence of demographic factors on patients expectationsWunderlich, Felix; Eckhard, Lukas; Büttner, Matthias; Lange, Toni; Konradi, Jürgen; Betz, Ulrich; Drees, Philipp; Lützner, Jörg
belikan_patrick-intramuscular_-20200820174030374.pdf.jpg202028-Aug-2020Intramuscular injection of combined calf blood compound (CFC) and homeopathic drug Tr14 accelerates muscle regeneration in vivoBelikan, Patrick; Nauth, Lisa; Färber, Lars-Christopher; Abel, Frédéric; Langendorf, Eva; Drees, Philipp; Rommens, Pol M.; Ritz, Ulrike; Mattyasovszky, Stefan G.
pestel_g.-patient*innenz-20210421195739630.pdf.jpg202111-May-2021Patient*innenzentrierte perioperative Versorgung : perioperative Prozessqualität, Effektivität von Schmerztherapie und Mobilisationsfortschritt nach Implementation eines Maßnahmenbündels bei KnietotalendoprotheseSpielberger, J.; Heid, Florian; Schmidtmann, Irene; Drees, Philipp; Betz, Ulrich; Schwaderlapp, W.; Pestel, Gunther
reference_values_for_3d_spina-20230126110244898.pdf.jpg20228-Feb-2023Reference values for 3D spinal posture based on videorasterstereographic analyses of healthy adultsHuthwelker, Janine; Konradi, Jürgen; Wolf, Claudia; Westphal, Ruben; Schmidtmann, Irene; Drees, Philipp; Betz, Ulrich
keller_karsten-venous_thrombo-20210419115900476.pdf.jpg202022-Apr-2021Venous thromboembolism in patients hospitalized for knee joint replacement surgeryKeller, Karsten; Hobohm, Lukas; Barco, Stefano; Schmidtmann, Irene; Münzel, Thomas; Engelhardt, Martin; Eckhard, Lukas; Konstantinides, Stavros V.; Drees, Philipp