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gaba<sub>a<sub>_receptorstabi-20220523105546875.pdf.jpg202220-Dec-2022GABAA receptor-stabilizing protein Ubqln1 affects hyperexcitability and epileptogenesis after traumatic brain injury and in a model of in vitro epilepsy in miceKürten, Tabea; Ihbe, Natascha; Ueberbach, Timo; Distler, Ute; Sielaff, Malte; Tenzer, Stefan; Mittmann, Thomas
modulation_of_cellular_transc-20230815114205888.pdf.jpg202318-Aug-2023Modulation of cellular transcriptome and proteome composition by azidohomoalanine : implications on click chemistry–based secretome analysisKirschner, Friederike; Arnold-Schild, Danielle; Leps, Christian; Łącki, Mateusz Krzysztof; Klein, Matthias; Chen, Yannic; Ludt, Annekathrin; Marini, Federico; Kücük, Can; Stein, Lara; Distler, Ute; Sielaff, Malte; Michna, Thomas; Riegel, Kristina; Rajalingam, Krishnaraj; Bopp, Tobias; Tenzer, Stefan; Schild, Hansjörg
multiomic_analysis_of_papilla-20230126102641578.pdf.jpg202217-Feb-2023Multiomic analysis of papillary thyroid cancers identifies BAIAP2L1-BRAF fusion and requirement of TRIM25, PDE5A and PKCδ for tumorigenesisRenaud, Emilie; Riegel, Christina; Romero, Rossana; Suryamohan, Kushal; Distler, Ute; Tenzer, Stefan; Schad, Arno; Musholt, Thomas J.; Rajalingam, Krishnaraj
59874.pdf.jpg202023-Jun-2020Naphthoquinones as covalent reversible inhibitors of cysteine proteases : studies on inhibition mechanism and kineticsKlein, Philipp; Barthels, Fabian; Johe, Patrick; Wagner, Annika; Tenzer, Stefan; Distler, Ute; Le, Thien Anh; Schmid, Paul; Engel, Volker; Engels, Bernd; Hellmich, Ute; Opatz, Till; Schirmeister, Tanja
59826.pdf.jpg202018-May-2020New cysteine protease inhibitors : electrophilic (het)arenes and unexpected prodrug identification for the trypanosoma protease rhodesainKlein, Philipp; Johe, Patrick; Wagner, Annika; Jung, Sascha; Kühlborn, Jonas; Barthels, Fabian; Tenzer, Stefan; Distler, Ute; Waigel, Waldemar; Engels, Bernd; Hellmich, Ute; Opatz, Till; Schirmeister, Tanja